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Hot Pot Shop O2O mode, the most common is group buying, and in the group purchase site, hotpot shops occupy a large proportion of hot pot shop together, in the O2O mode is not too sophisticated e-commerce model, especially the localization industry trend is very serious industry, if you can not do the line under a good balance, It is possible to lose loyal customers, after all, the industry itself is very fierce competition, there is no effective balance line offline under the user's interests, in fact, is a failed O2O attempt. Now on the local two chain of hot pot shop Group buying mode and you share, the two hot pot shops are chain business model, for the time being known as a shop and B shop!

First said a shop, a shop has been in a famous group buying site group buying activities, because the price is lower, I have been to once, but the experience is not good, the most depressing is, was a taxi to go, told the taxi driver to a certain hotpot shop, the other side unexpectedly a face vacant, this let people heart without bottom. In a shop after consumption, feeling general, no characteristics, in addition to price advantages, other than what the impression.

and b shop, b shop in two months ago also in a famous group purchase site group buying activities, after the October, into the hot pot season of winter, B shop to cancel the purchase discount, the Hot pot shop price Moderate, no group has ever been to, after a group buying activities, went a few times, the same in a taxi, When it comes to this hotpot shop, the driver will ask the hot pot shop on that street, which clearly sees the difference. To this consumption, to a certain amount of consumption, hotpot shop will give a 20 yuan voucher, and can also bid membership card, note that the most important is the membership card, because through membership card, B shop perfect for users to transition from the Internet to the offline!

Membership card with this description, every Monday is a member day, card consumption dozen 80 percent, and vouchers can be used synchronously, so calculate down, 20 Yuan Voucher + Member day consumption, if in the hotpot shop once consumption 200 yuan, 80 percent is 160 yuan, and then minus 20 Yuan voucher, is 140 yuan, The equivalent of a 70 percent call, and group purchase concessions are basically flat, at present, the hot pot shop to cancel the preferential activities, for those who want to receive concessions, you can choose Monday, although the meal time is limited, for the budget-minded users, some restrictions but may not be lost, or even choose Non-member Day consumption, Users always like familiar places, this is also the ultimate goal of hot pot shop, so that users from know to familiar!

When the winter, a shop continued to buy activities, B shop began to usher in the hot pot shop peak season, from the turnover, always hold group A shop activity, the number of diners is growing, although slow, but, there are always consumers like and try, because the Internet charm is so, as long as you insist to do, then, There will always be people to patronize, just like the amount of site visits, there are traffic orders. b shop, because there are enough traffic, for the time being farewell to group buying activities, perhaps because there is a higher local network, and the form of membership system, to a certain extent, bonded to the user, but, this kind of O2O model, in the Internet E-commerce era, some too confident!

The head of a group buying site said many local well-known restaurants are refusing to buy, because they are afraid to buy their store value discount, but, in the recent double Xi., day Cat Mall 35 billion of the sales do not let all the people moved, and even Ma Yun wants to hit the real estate business through E-commerce, this may not be bluster , the network has changed all aspects of our lives, escape or fear of the internet, are not desirable! believe that the cat double 136 billion trading volume, there will be more business e-commerce, but also full of confidence in E-commerce!

In writing this article, I specifically landed on the famous group buying website, b Shop has not been found, a shop has launched a series of two-person package, four-person package, family meals, couples meal and other forms of group purchase, and, it is surprising to find that there are some new local hot pot shop face, including old and famous, If B stores continue to abandon the O2O model, then perhaps network users will choose to spend in these old-style hotpot shops, once these old-brand hot pot shop done online and offline users of the balance, then, for has achieved a certain advantage of the B shop, is not a very good phenomenon, want to do good O2O, need to live in danger think into, Also need to know how to do user balance, more importantly, through long-term adherence, let users constantly find themselves, improve the visibility of the same time to get more users, the Internet is the case, there are new people trying to buy the net, do not believe that look at their side, is not a lot of people on the net to buy, electronic commerce has a skeptical attitude, One but they change the idea, taste the sweetness, will become the next user! This article by the Shenzhen website: starting A5 webmaster Network, reproduced please keep the link, thank you!

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