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The work conference of the Ministry of Housing construction pays close attention to the high housing price public housing construction first put on the agenda ⊙ reporter Yu Xiangming 0 editor Chujiang yesterday, the attention of the national Housing and urban and rural construction will be held in Beijing as scheduled. Weixin, Minister of Housing construction, said that next year will continue large-scale development of affordable housing construction, plans to build 1.8 million low-cost apartments and 1.3 million housing.  The reporter was informed that the work will also be the first mention of public rental housing, in order to enrich the affordable housing system. "For the general concern of the Community on the issue of excessive prices, Jiang repeatedly mentioned that the main statement and the State Council meeting content similar."  One participant said in an interview with reporters on the sidelines of the meeting. According to the reporter understands, weixin in the speech, pointed out that 2009 house price rise too quickly caused the housing and urban and rural Construction Ministry's concern, its reason and 2009 investment and speculation dominate, safeguard housing work progress imbalance, some places of large demolition reconstruction project more and other factors.  There are also some factors such as insufficient supervision and familiarity with objective subjects.  It is reported that the Department of Housing construction in 2010, the main focus of the five major tasks, the 1th is to further strengthen the housing work, to promote the people "live in", that is, housing as the most important work well. Weixin pointed out that to strengthen the real estate market supervision and market analysis and monitoring.  The reporter learned that the current housing construction department market analysis and monitoring of the city has risen from 40 to 90.  Weixin also said that next year will also be large-scale development of low-cost housing construction, planning to build 1.8 million low-cost housing, 1.3 million units.  The reporter learned that the conference also mentions for the first time public rental housing, in order to enrich the affordable housing system. The Ministry of Housing and Construction, an expert said that the future level of affordable accommodation to move up, to expand the protection of the target is the trend. "Whether the standard of affordable housing, or the construction of public rental housing, are conducive to the ' sandwich layer ' people to solve housing problems." ”
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