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Good design has the power to attract people. You'll find that even seemingly good designs can make people pay a premium. But a really good design, with a unique perspective and wisdom to constantly revise the various loopholes in life, to provide aesthetic beauty, of course, can also help the company shape the brand. "Designers are loved because they have something they want," said designer Mitch Kaupol, in the 1990 Software design Manifesto. ”

Paying a premium is not just for ordinary consumers, but more and more companies are willing to add design costs to their financial statements, hire professional design consulting firms, buy dozens of of creative teams, and even be willing to reach a strategic partnership for sales profit sharing. While companies such as Frog Design (Frog) and Continuum told Caijing Weekly that their Chinese customers would still prefer an immediate-effect design, more and more companies do not just view design as an added attribute of the product-they want to solve the problem from the source, Make your products unique.


People who create something different sometimes need to have a gut instinct about what's going on: Why does a heater have to emit a smell of dust? Why does the headset always wear around to make a mess? 1980 years, British government researcher Jane Fulton Sury (Jane Fulton Suri) The reputation for helping to improve the lawn mower and reduce consumer accidents (many people cut their toes because they don't know the handle and switch) is still a pity: I always study after things have been designed, but the problem has already happened. Later Suri met the David Kelly (David Kelley), who had just started the Ideo design company, and added her insights to design prophase research and modelling-a starting point for anthropologists to enter the IDEO.

The best example of intuition is Steve Jobs. "Some people follow their instincts," says Tom Kelley, another founder and David Kelly's brother, Kelly Ideo. If you are another Steve, ethically go projectile but if you are not, you need some process and method. "In the 1990 's, Samsung set up a research and development center next to the headquarters of Ideo in Palo (Palo Alto) in Silicon Valley to improve the innovation process."

Even Mr. Jobs followed the design process, and his brilliance was that he did not listen to the demands of consumers, but to meet their potential needs. And he's never been the first developer of technology, on the contrary, he knows how to turn existing technologies into user-friendly products. He believes in the power of good things.

We are also trying to find the good things and the logic behind the good things--this is why the first financial weekly holds the "Great Design" award every year. But two things are different this year than last year.

First we changed the rules of the selection. In order to maximize the range of good design, we asked the designers of independent and professional design companies to submit two pieces of the design they thought were great, the time of the market in two years, and not limited to China; Finally, we got 80 products (as you can see in the previous picture, the variety is really amazing), Then invite the company's management, which has a high degree of market and user relevance, to screen out three best designs. We also launched a vote on Sina Weibo, and finally the best design ─wacom inkling Digital pens selected by Weibo users coincide with the results of the executive panel's vote.

The interesting thing about this rule is that the product's recommender may not be the designer himself. "Global design competitions are designed to give recognition to designers, but you are not. "Continuum China CEO Chris Hosmer has been skeptical:" You know, it's weird. "But when it comes to looking for products like Boeing 787, there's nothing to be surprised about: It's much more fun than a disciplined award."

The other thing is November 30 we and Frog jointly discussed the Chinese innovation trend of closed workshop, the participants are the judges of the awards. We try to find effective brainstorming methods-compared to the results, the correct thinking process may be more valuable ─frog creative director Brandon Edwards raised five questions, and then the whiteboard on the wall is full of possible questions related to the key words, the judges hand a stack of n times paste. We put what we want to say in different colors n times paste, sticky whiteboard. In the elaboration process, the same or the opposite opinion of the note is glued to the core point of view around the note-finally we found that the past meeting in the view of the same as the water through even if, now together but have more imagination to stimulate the effect.

Some ideas have come out of vague perceptions, such as "companies should not only innovate, they should also provide innovation that is closely related to consumers", "let the product trigger a discussion, or it will be quickly submerged" and "how to approach younger consumers". Behind these views are some universal rules, which we put together into 100, about taste, beauty, do & Don t and the laws of nature.

You'll also find something unexpected, such as a good design that doesn't have to come from a professional designer. Similarly, we have found many of his definitions of good design in the hackers and painters of Paul Greheum, a venture capitalist in Silicon Valley, many of which will be mentioned later by professionals. After reading his summary, you will find that it is not a bad idea to look at how the design was born from a layman's perspective, especially from a very intelligent layman.

Let's start here.

About things


A good design is a simple design. From the mathematical point of view, less is more, evidence is every mathematical axiom. From a designer's point of view, the United States relies on a number of carefully selected structural elements, rather than relying on decorative decorations and piling. The ornament itself is not a bad thing, it becomes a bad thing only when it is used to conceal the pallor of the structure.


A good design is a good-looking design. The mathematician Hardy said that ugly mathematics could not survive in the world. "If the solution is ugly, there must be a better solution," said Kelly Johnson, an aircraft designer.


A good design is an illuminating design. Think about Lego blocks, which allow users to use them as they wish.


Good design is usually a bit of a fun design.


A good design is a hard design. Why do people think that wildlife is very beautiful? The reason is that their life is very hard, there is no extra part in the form.


A good design is a seemingly easy design.


A good design is a symmetrical design.


Good design is the imitation of nature's design. But this one is used to answer the question, "Why does the plane not do the same as the bird?"


A good design is a redesign.


Good design is the ability to reproduce the design. You can be understood as allowing a cottage, but not encouraging you to replicate others.


Good design is often a peculiar design. But this sentence should be followed by the phrase-"Maybe it's because I'm not smart enough to think that they look strange." A dog can also see a tin opener as a miracle. If I were a genius, I would think that Euler's formula (87 pages) was a commonplace thing, and that it was not wrong, and what was so strange about it. ”


Good design comes in batches. Why did the Renaissance appear in Florence in 1450? If Leonardo da Vinci was born in Milan, what would history be like? Another example is that, even if the current demographic movement is so dramatic, the genius project still appears in a few centers: the Bauhaus School of Architecture in Germany, the Manhattan Project, The New Yorker magazine, Lockheed's Skunk Studios and the 1980 Xerox Palo Research and Development Center--Graham here notes: "If you stay away from these centers, you are hard to get out of the way."


Good design is often a bold design. "I think it's easier to find ugly things than you can imagine a beautiful thing." Most people who make beautiful results seem to be just trying to fix the ugly things in their eyes. ”


Good design tips: very strict taste, coupled with the ability to achieve this taste. It is not enough to tolerate ugliness alone. It is only when you are familiar with the field that you may find out where you can improve yourself. You must exercise yourself. Only when you become an expert in a field can you hear a tiny voice in your heart saying, "This is too bad, there must be a better choice." "Do not ignore this sound, but nurture them."


Against bad taste. Like SUVs. Even if it uses renewable clean energy, it won't change Graham's view of it, because the SUV comes from a nasty idea: how to make a minivan look more manly.


Support Simplicity. One joke is that before hackers start writing programs, they will at least figure out which language has the least amount of typing and then choose to use the language.


Do the design that the user needs, not the "user-requested design". The best work in any field cannot be done by people who do what they are told.

(001~017: Paul Greheum's summary of Design)


There is a joke. Someone asked: "How many designers do you need to improve a light bulb?" The designer said: "Wait a minute, do we have to improve the light bulb?" Such questions sometimes make the questioner look naïve, but the opposite is true: they define the way of thinking in an unconventional way. Design often starts here. But there may not be many people in big companies asking questions--that's why they need to extended. The next story of the bulb is that the designer added a window to the top of the ceiling to bring the sun into the room without changing the light bulb itself.


Most big companies don't ask themselves "stupid questions" including: why are we making these things? Why do people need these products? What if we completely change our current product? Do you want to do something else? Maybe it's time to stop and offer a different experience for today's products? What will make my consumers happy?


Fear seems childish. Imagine in a big conference room where everyone nods to the subject, you may be the only one who raises his hand and says, "Wait a minute, that doesn't make any sense." Most people choose to give up their hands in front of the imagination, in which case it is easier to nod, but the good design may disappear.


Neglected the disadvantaged groups. Elderly people may not be able to see the small print on the bottle and eat the wrong medicine, arthritis patients may not be able to grasp the carrot and potato peel plane, and most of the world's design will not consider left-handed. In fact, good design should not need special adaptation and learning, you can give people with different abilities. This is the reason why Ideo, an innovation consultancy, went to visit people with 7 kinds of toothpaste at the same time as a toothpaste program, and no teeth at all.


Think that design should be used to drive companies to create more products, or to use more new features on products. In fact, you are expanding the product line at the same time, but also from your consumers more and more distant. Rather than "satisfying the different needs of the market", big companies are actually covering up their ignorance of consumers with complex and repetitive product lines.


Focus group. This one is complementary to the previous one, and focus groups refer to large companies trying to find out the direction of the design in order to understand what the consumer is thinking. But the situation is often that what they do is often "user-requested design" rather than "user-required design". To avoid this, big companies need someone who can really read consumers, not a bunch of consumer questionnaires.


Lenovo's designers have designed a very beautiful bracket for a series of all-in-one machines. But in the course of transportation they found that the cost of transporting the goods from 4 dollars to 20 dollars. When designing a new All-in-one desktop bracket, the designer told Lenovo's vice President Yiu Yingjia: "I'll consider saving transportation costs this time." ”


Questionnaires. Like the focus group, the problem with the questionnaire is not in itself, but in that people equate the results with the design. The problem with the questionnaire is that investigators are likely to interpret the respondents ' opinions as they want to hear. Conservative companies also have a habit of feeling more comfortable with complex professional vocabulary, jargon, and armed design processes.


Experience。 Paula Cher Paula Scher, a graphic designer from five-star design, said: "When I'm not a very good worker about a job, it's when I work best." She used to sketch the famous umbrella icon for Citibank on a napkin. Shea explains her point: if you're looking for ways to make things better, the rich experience in specific areas can be a hindrance to your success because you know just how the results will be, and what methods don't work.


Afraid to start again. Big companies are synonymous with efficiency, which means not only that the process is linked to the idea of a small innovation, but that once a product enters the process, no one is willing or able to recycle it, and "just forget it" will make a product pile up with bad design. To put it another way, if jobs didn't have enough turtle hair, Apple wouldn't be Apple.


Technical decision design. The application of computer chips in the late 1980 has weakened the quartz watch. But a chip watch designed by a large company like Casio is a disaster for users: watches that integrate radios, alarms, calculators, and so on often require users to press and control the mini keyboard-engineers are very simple to design, but not very friendly to use.

(018~028: Big Company design Department attention!)


Good-looking design has a high probability of being used first. Easy to use but not beautiful design, acceptance will not be high, so it is not easy to use also become unimportant. This may be a cognitive bias, but it is also true.


Flaws。 People are more tolerant of the lack of good design.


One way to judge a good design is to have feelings about the product, such as naming names or nicknames for existing ones.


Donnald Norman, an American cognitive psychologist, explains this problem from three levels in affective design: Everyone's perception of design starts with an emotional reaction (I want to have it), and then it's the actual operating level (it's not hard to use) and the brand-effect level (ah, that's about my personal image). Once you reach the brand effect level, people will be willing to pay more for the product or service. #p # subtitle #e#


Designer Yves Béard said: "If you can make people want to touch your product, your design will be half done." ”


Japanese designer Masaki in the evaluation of Mini Cooper said: "The car is still want to grow a yuppie people love Ah!" Another indicator of whether car design is popular with the market is that girls will love it.


The reason why home brands Alessi Popular is not that they use advanced technology or expensive materials, but rather make their products look interesting, such as sometimes naïve, sometimes mischievous. CEO Alberto Alessi Once summed up said: "A good design works must be able to impress people, convey feelings, in the minds of people to form a picture and bring a pleasant experience." And the job of the designer is to show these expressive potentials in the language of expressiveness. ”


Designer Buckminster once said: "When I started to study a problem, I never thought it was beautiful, but once I finished the work, if it wasn't good-looking, I knew I had failed." ”

(029~036: "Good-looking" value)


On the face of it, design is a creative activity to solve a problem and requires a lot of thinking. Intuition is an unconscious process in which people's instincts are at work. But in fact, many designs or inventions are great because they conform to people's intuition and are rooted in and integrated into people's lives. Doors and cabinet handles are never the object of people's thinking, and people naturally move through them, never needing extra instructions.


A persuasive case: tuburet m can be stacked wooden chairs (stacking stool). Solid, comfortable, smooth and elegant lines, can be stacked, and only with a piece of wood plastic form, there is no extra elements.


But good design does not mean simply subtraction. The author of the Law of Simplification, dean of Rhode I. Design College, John Maydar that the important principle of simplicity is to remove the useless and add meaning. Another finding is that "every part of a good design is a combination of familiar and unfamiliar things." Familiar things attract people to use, and strange things let them stay. ”


Another simple design. Japanese designer Deep Zeizhi once for no printing good product design a wall hanging CD machine. It looks exactly like an old-fashioned fan on the wall, with a circular disc embedded in the middle of the square, with only one cord hanging from the middle of the base. Anyone who sees the CD player will subconsciously pull the string, and the music will be heard in the rotating CD box. The design stems from the memory of old fans and electric lights in childhood. "My ideal is that you don't need a manual to tell people how to use it, it has to get people to operate intuitively." ”


There is one thing in common between remote control design, road sign design and martial arts: The more options available, the longer the response time. The key to the remote control Needless to say, the more the number of road signs more complex, the driver difficult to judge the greater the likelihood.

Accordingly, the more boxing skills Martial knows, the longer the punch may be.


Google's search box is one of the best representatives of simple interactive design. Although founder Sergey said the design was only due to the fact that the company could not afford a decent designer at the beginning of its existence, Google has not changed that small box today.


"What have you done in your life?"

Japanese fashion designer Miyake: "Cut a piece of cloth." ”


Another feature of Lego: This is probably the world's least-needed combination of toys. The relatively concave surfaces, and the smooth side, make it natural for people to embed a building block on another building block.


The tablecloth in the first-class restaurant is always white. This is the medium for the store to convey quality service to customers-those dark or fancy tablecloths are more likely to hide stains.


Interactive designer Steve Krug The most important thing about web design discovery is that people are actually scanning pages, not reading them. When most web designers think that they want to carefully arrange the text and pictures of the forum so that users can read, most of the users are actually just sweeping, grasp the key information after the skip-so the first element of Web design is not to add fun features, but to remove interference.


The core principle of a good logo design is that only one element is to be remembered. The best example of this is the arrow hidden inside the FedEx logo. Once you see it, you will never forget it.

(037~047: The simpler, the smarter)


Design does not necessarily serve niche markets.

Designer Yves Béard and MIT professor Nicholas Negreponte want to design a 100 dollar computer for children in poor areas, but don't want to design a cheap product. So Nicholas Negreponte has two equations to describe his choice: cheap components + cheap Labor + cheap design = cheap laptops, integrated technology + advanced manufacturing + mass production + cool design = inexpensive laptops.

He finally found some of the top engineers in Silicon Valley and hired design company Continuum to do early planning and product prototypes. These people gather together, the most important finding is "what we don't need on a laptop", such as Béard nasty NumLock, fans and even power supplies-they end up with a yo-yo-like old-fashioned hand-charging way to power a laptop, Of course there are solar panels as a second energy source.

Eventually, the product hit the 2007 CES (Consumer Electronics Show), and although Intel and Microsoft still scoff at its strange look, they are also starting to develop low-cost computers. The reality of the notebook world suddenly changed.


Good design is not necessarily for new things, on the contrary, according to the Japanese designer of the original research said: "Creativity is not to let people marvel at its new form and material, but should make people amazed at it from seemingly ordinary life." It is the real design that keeps developing these ideas. ”


A good design does not necessarily come from a designer.

The paper sleeve now designed to prevent hot drinks from the takeout is actually from a man named Jay Sorensen. 1991 He wrapped a coffee paper cup with a napkin, but it was too slippery to catch, and the hot coffee spilled on his lap. So he designed the Java Jacket Coffee cup set, after years of evolution into what you see the paper sleeve appearance. (By the way, Costa Coffee take-out paper cups make use of corrugated surface undulating folds to heat insulation is a good design.) )


Designers do not have to be just a designer, in fact, they should be T-type talent. This is the theory from the design company ideo that the designer should have a director, like the one in the letter T, and a wide range of knowledge and fields. A growing designer should be able to turn the T from number 8th to font number 32nd, and an excellent design company should be "TTTTTTTTTTTTT".


The design that helps people achieve the best performance is not necessarily the most popular design. You may not even know the existence of the Dvorak keyboard, which has been invented for more than 50 years and has been measured to increase the typing speed by more than 30%, because it is designed for this purpose: in accordance with the common level of the word keys grouped, and then according to the hands of the exchange of the typing of the word But it has never been popular, and suppliers are still using a QWERTY keyboard.


Even if you are prepared, consumers are not necessarily telling the truth (they don't mean it). In 1994, the company wanted continuum design to help it find a more time-saving way to clean floors. Continuum's designers have found that most people mop floors with rags before mopping floors, and people spend almost as much time cleaning the mop as they do to clean the floor. In addition, the cleaning process is filled with dust and dirt, so people will wear old clothes when they are cleaning-but the interesting thing is that because they know that continuum is going to do research, they have wiped the floor in advance to show hospitality. The result is that continuum discovered the habit before digging it out.


Good design doesn't always make people love at first sight

The main reason is that human beings have instinctive questioning mentality to strange things. Herman Miller's Aeron seat has been firmly in the position of "the most healthy and comfortable work seat ever made in human history" since its inception in 1994. But you can't find a straight line in the Aeron seat, it looks like the exoskeleton of a giant prehistoric insect. The general reaction of consumers was "sitting comfortably, but too ugly". But Herman Miller decided to trust his instincts. Columnist Gladwell thought of it as: "We can't tell whether a product is really bad through consumer feedback or just because it's not what people think it is." ”


On the logic of social interaction design: Don't think that people go online and become completely different creatures.

The story of Google + 's group model is this: Paul Adams is now Facebook's global brand manager, and before joining Facebook, he was one of the user experience researchers at Google's social services division. For the past 5 years, he has been in Britain, the United States, India and China, and he has found that people actually rebuilt the virtual world. They built their virtual social networks almost according to the social behavior patterns of reality. These networks often even follow the rules of the ancient village period.

"We are accustomed to dividing people around into separate circles. "There is a particularly tight core circle, with a population of less than 10, and a 150-person weak circle," he said. "A man can remember his name and have a maximum of 150 friends." "Paul said," In ancient villages, once the population reached 150 people, the patriarch would divide the village into two. "Even more magical, he found that on Facebook, people basically copied this pattern." On Facebook, there are generally 8 people in each group, and the number of weak relationships is roughly 130 to 170. It's not the entertainment stars that connect the relationships, it's the opinion leaders, but ourselves. "Stars can improve the focus of one thing, but the real impact of what we ultimately decide is the core circle of those people." "This means that all social networking sites, or all business related to social behavior, including advertising, marketing, etc., must be designed around people's social circles." ”


A good design does not necessarily save you time.

If the recent popular application Pinterest's good design is partly dependent on the exquisite images it presents, the closed social application of the Path2.0 has conquered a group of users entirely by interactive design (think of the trembling little icons that suddenly shake out), including those who dumped them before. Good UI navigation is clear, will not let the user waste time to understand "what this is" on, but it does let users indulge in it, such as Pinterest waterfall Automatic loading menu, let people want to see "What good things Below" impulse.

(048~056: Design is not pat)


Febnachi (Fibonacci) series. That is, each number in a series is the sum of the first two numbers. A mathematical principle often used by designers, which is often found in nature, such as the number of petals, the Galactic Vortex Nebula and the number of bones in the human hand. Because of this, many people think that the design of the use of this series is inherently aesthetically pleasing.


Golden Division law. A law closely related to the bill of numbers. Any number in the Febb sequence, with a number next to it, is the same as the gold ratio. Things that fit the golden rule include the Parthenon, Nautilus, Leonardo da Vinci's Vitruvian, Coca-Cola cans and Apple ipod players.


Three-point law. Nine Sudoku, the main elements of the design in the grid at a junction, the results are often considered interesting, or aesthetic. It is worth mentioning that this position relationship is still similar to the golden rule (such as 2/3=0.666, and the gold ratio is 0.618)


The law of symmetry. The brain thinks that the design of a smooth, curved or symmetrical appearance is beautiful. The study of Moshe Bar, a cognitive neuroscientist at Harvard Medical School, shows that if people look at the rough edges and sharp outlines of the design, the cerebral cortex accelerates movement and causes anxiety, which is why the seemingly messy design is unsettling because "the brain doesn't like the uncertainty".


Fan Restov effect (von Restorff multiplying). This effect is to increase the special memory of the object relative to the ordinary object. The famous "I Love New York" pattern was made by designer Milton Graze during the American economic slump in the 1970 's. His heart-shaped pattern was interspersed with letters, and the pattern was still popular all over the world. The secret of this design is that the brain catches different things in a bunch of common things.

(057~061: Imitate nature)


In a clinical trial in 1992, Pfizer found that the drug was not only useful for angina pectoris, but also caused gastrointestinal problems, back pain and male erections. If Pfizer is stalled, then one of the most successful drugs in human history, viagra viagra, will not be published.


Most people may not be able to imagine that our usual yellow post-it is actually from the failed glue aquatic products in the 3M lab. In the 1960 's, Dr. Spencer Silver, a scientist, stumbled upon an unusual glue that could not be sustained for a long time, and the sticky stuff could be torn off later. The invention was subsequently shelved for nearly 10 years. Until 1974, the 3M engineer, Fry, found that the note in songbook, which was labeled as a marker, often fell off when the page was turned, and if there was a glue that was sticky but not sticky, it would be too perfect to tear it repeatedly and not damage the paper. So Spencer's binder came in handy. 1980, the birth of a post-it. This yellow little sticker has revolutionized the way human information is exchanged. The 1 billion-dollar post-it was then the most valuable asset for 3M. #p # subtitle #e#


The Lomo camera was first used as a miniature camera for Soviet spies. In the film Machine era, Lomo also barely able to make use of, into the digital era, Lomo has been close to the fate of the elimination.

In 1991, two of art students in Vienna accidentally discovered that using the camera, the color was brighter than the average camera, and four weeks would appear darker than the middle, creating a special "tunnel effect" that they were immediately attracted to. Later, they facilitated the Lomo photographic Enthusiasts ' Association, which gathered to love the "tunnel effect" of photography enthusiasts. Subsequently, the photographic society even persuaded the Leningrad optical instrument plant to continue to produce the camera. The meaning of "LOMO" has also changed from the English abbreviation of Leningrad Optical Instrument factory to "Let us live be Magic and open" (make our Lives magical and open).


As early as 1916, Coca-Cola, in order to make itself stand out, in the launch of the bottle design tender when the strict rules: not only to the market and other beverage bottles, and whether the day or night, or even broken to let consumers immediately recognize this is Coca-Cola. Eventually, a company called Root Glass companies met the demand and let Coca-Cola's 1920 sales rush to 7 million bottles a day.


How many times have you seen people ignoring paved trails? Architectural designer Louis Kahn, inspired by the idea of designing green spaces for a college, did not mark anyone, it simply allowed people to walk freely on it, and finally added a path to pedestrians ' walking habits.


Watch design Another interesting story is that the quartz watch market is caught in a vicious circle of low profits when the watches have been treated as commonplace by various techniques. But Swatch changed the point of view of the problem, it does not regard the watch as a timing tool, but fashion accessories. and a variety of fashion, printing designer cooperation to make Swatch shine, watches from this entered the field of FMCG.


Japanese architect Okuma I think good car design is the same as architecture, the external static form and internal power balance. For architecture, the appearance is very good, inside also want to convey a person to move up experience. The inside of a car is the mobile power that is experienced when driving. Both thrive on balance.


The story board (Storyboard) was one of the ways Pixar animation Studios used to create animated movies. In the meeting, they will put a preliminary idea of a story in the form of a comic strip on the storyboard, told to others. Kevin Grignon, an IBM senior User experience Designer, and his team are using this form in user research reports to turn those dull technical terms and figures into a story with characters and details. "Plato once said that those who can tell a story will rule the world," said Kevin, "to translate lists and data into stories, to convey information more vividly, especially to express the feelings of users and the circumstances in which they live, is helpful for design." "Professor of the Netherlands TU Delft University" p. J. Stapper is also a respected advocate of this approach. "Storyboards combine words and pictures so that people can have an immersive feeling about something that is abstract, and you can even use any of these images to express your views." ”


"We want to avoid the design techniques that many contemporary magazines use, and I don't understand why most magazines look the same," said John Plunkett, creative director at the founding of Wired magazine. We especially want to ignore the conventions commonly known as: good design = meticulous, tasteful, elegant, formal. I think the definition of good design should depend on the content of the design, for Wired magazine, fresh feeling is more important than meticulous. ”


Xerox designer David Liddle believes that technological development can be divided into three stages: "Enthusiasts" (code-controlled computers), "professionals" (who say three CPU differences) and "ordinary consumers" (who only care about being able to play Angry Birds). But the best observation at these stages is not the computer, but the remote. "Those manufacturers have introduced a remote control with more than 30 buttons, and this complex design has no merit." "The design of the future must be simple, because they hid the complicated stuff behind them."

(062~071: Another angle of thought)


IDEO's design logic: Good design should be a combination of business value, human needs and technology applications.


Information visualization. Information is cheap,the point values. The inforgraphic, which combs information with a friendly graphical interface, provides another perspective on the world for ordinary people. "Information visualization is actually about the story behind the data, revealing the obscured facts." "Visual information designer David McCandless said.


Invisible Interactive interface. Recently released concept camera Air clicker is made up of two rings, one on the thumb, one on the forefinger, the small ring on the thumb with a switch button and a camera lens, and a tension sensor on the two-section ring on the forefinger. The Air clicker is then connected to the smartphone via Bluetooth, so without the camera and any unnecessary components, moving the finger can be done at random. The interface of the machine disappears and you need to move only your fingers.


Design experience and not just products. Larry Kelly, president of the United States, says that superficial product design is more about attraction and purchase, but it rarely takes into account usage and other extended behavior. But in fact, the next step is to let consumers generate loyalty key.

(072~075: Good design, multidimensional)


Set up the whole product strategy from the user's requirement. Apple was once also a engineering technology-oriented company, most products are developed with the technical feasibility, so as to ensure the limitation; But after Mr. Jobs's return, think different principles have changed the company's product development steps into design, development and mass production, without the need for development if it does not support consumer demand.


Hide complexity where users don't know. The Macbook air screen is separated from the keyboard by a fine seam, in order to open not to block the heat sink, affecting the thermal efficiency; The aluminum alloy casing is coated with a heat-cooled film made of graphite to allow the heat to spread out; four giant panels are placed far away from the trackpad to prevent heat.


The difference between the I-do and the IT right. Touch screen technology, sliding unlock, and Siri are not the Apple initiative. These technologies have undergone a long process of development before Apple adopted them, but they are still considered a research project in a confidential laboratory or a scene in a sci-fi movie. Until Apple put them in the iphone, something that can be trapped in anyone's pocket. The key to Apple's success is that they know how to hide advanced technology behind everyday design, so that people can get started with almost no learning.


A good craftsman will not use rotten wood on the back of the cupboard. The real evolution of Apple products needs to be opened up to see. The new MAC mini blends inside and outside, and the old shell looks just like a dome. The same is the difference between iPhone3 and 4 generations. Jonathan Ive said, "I always understand the beauty of things made by hand, what really matters is what you spend on them, what I don't see is the haste of a product." ”


Material Guide form. The MacBook adopts an integrated molding process, which benefits from Apple's reprocessing of aluminum; the side of the iPhone4 fuselage has 3 black split lines, which are also cell phone antennas, as they are injected directly into the metal strip, and the metal strips are kept near-seamless. These are the best products that need to be touched to feel the design. "The best design will not split the form with the material, we experience and explore materials, learning characteristics and processes, which is extremely important in our work." Jonathan Ive said in an interview with Core77.


Push uncompromising to the extreme. About 5 years ago, Apple intended to add a small green light to the camera's working status on a new MacBook. Because the light cannot penetrate the metal, it seems inconceivable. Apple later discovered that a laser could be used to make a small hole in the MacBook's aluminum shell, allowing the light to come out and not be detected by the naked eye. But the lasers were priced at about 250,000 dollars a day. As you can guess, Apple finally persuaded the seller to sign an exclusive agreement and bought hundreds of units.


Should be fun! It's hard to explain what that sad face look like when the ipod went wrong: The corners of the mouth droop and the eyes turn into two small forks. They also added a few lines to the notebook app that they brought, making notepad look like a few pages away, even though you might not notice it.


Steve Jobs hates the keyboard design of Apple products, "what's the use of F-key!" Jobs used to growl at a conference and pry the keys off every F-key until it was finished. Apple has always been a fan of the theory of an Austrian razor, "do not increase the entity if necessary".


Create experience. Ipod+itunes lets users get rid of bad pirated music, Iphone+app store allows users to get far more than a mobile phone, in fact, even without considering the business model such a big problem, Apple product experience can be seen from a charger interface. The MacBook's charging interface is a magnet so that even if the wires are tripped by obstacles, the entire notebook is not brought down. This inspiration is said to come from a Japanese rice cooker.


A leader, a vision. We commemorate jobs.


Wacom Inkling Digital Pen (commercial Value Award, first prize of the Public Value award)

You do not have to do the design of the back and forth between quadrochromatic paper and computer, it can be synchronized to convert the handwriting into digital signals, so the paper pen image will be automatically stored as a digital format, a USB cable can be transferred to the computer synchronized modification. It is possible to record inspiration anywhere, at the same time, to help users find the real paper pen comfortable touch.


Dyson Hot Heater (third place of Business Value award)

It uses the shape of the blowing rod like a child to add the patented air multiplication technology, can make the hot air increase 5 times times, the heat emitted will not exceed the dust ignition point. The entire machine has no active components, is automatically turned off after crashing, and the fuselage has magnets on the top of the ring to connect the remote control to the machine itself (this remote design is considered the best magnet design after iPad2 Smart vinyl).


Boeing 787 Dreamliner (business Value award tied to first place)

The basic design idea of this model is to provide the economical and feasible direct service for the non pivot city, and to provide more convenience to the passengers. A large number of carbon fiber composite materials to replace the aluminum alloy, the use of commercial models of the largest size of the porthole, improved air filtration system, more natural cabin pressurization system and superior cabin sound insulation system. In terms of energy, fuel consumption is 20% lower than that of other jet aircraft. (You should have seen more detail in the previous environmental section.) )


Philips Convenience Reading Light (second place of public value award)

This product integrated LED lighting into a piece of acrylic material on the board, opening will only illuminate the page, not the surrounding environment, even if the close will not affect other people. Also because of the material reason, carry very light, but the only problem is that there is no solution because of heavy pressure or the damage caused by beating.


Sinch Headphone Receiver (mass Value Award third place)

Sinch is a creative product for protecting headphones, which can accommodate headphones and prevent tangled knots. The bandage of the colloid material inside encapsulates the magnet, and the bandage can use the earphone plug to install on the handset and so on the device. The user can protect the headset wire around the strap. If you do not use headphones for the time being, do not pull out the plug, just use Sinch to receive it. When you want to use headphones, as long as a gently pull, the headset will automatically unlock the line.

"First financial weekly" dialogue design consulting companies, topics include "What do you think is good design", "How to view the status and development of Chinese design" and "2012 years of innovation trends."

Continuum China CEO Corrith (Chris Hosmer)


Chinese consumers attach great importance to price/performance. It's not just about saving money, but they think it's worth it. Smart companies know how to use innovation and design to cater to this idea, and to add "value" to the product rather than price wars or sacrificing quality. This is why China's design will rise.


Many corporate organizations look at design as part of their business, and everyone is encouraging innovation, experimentation, and risk-taking. Only one thing to note is that understanding the methodology of design and applying it in practical situations is different. Successful companies often work on both fronts. Many people think they know the process and the tools are done.


The design that makes our digital life more convenient will exert great influence in 2012. These designs make the technology simpler, easier to handle, more manipulative, and fun. NFC (Near-field communication) technology may replace a wired connection between common devices. This technology allows us to redefine the way people interact with the world around them.


Good design makes the existing world more humane. To me, human kindness is the simplest way to describe something that is meaningful, satisfying, useful, good-looking, quick to solve problems, and a word that makes money.

Frog Design Creative director Ma Weihao (Mario van der Meulen)


China's design industry now faces the problem of talent structure, and many local designers are still in the footsteps of their western predecessors, imitating or inheriting the styles of Western designers they adore. This is not the real meaning of "Chinese design".

Plum, deputy Director of frog Design, Ian Lee & Asia Pacific General manager Zhang Ying


Many practitioners and customers are quick to accept design research and innovative practices, but they do not form a long-term sustainable business model. Many international brands have moved their past value chains directly to China. The difficulty, therefore, is how to get global headquarters to understand that developing innovation in China in a new platform and technology context is completely different from other countries or regions.


Haier in a Chinese company has a lot of potential. The company is adept at leveraging their vast distribution and service networks to provide a 0-distance customer experience. This is very competitive in some three or four-line cities. The other is China Mobile (Weibo). The operator is now on a turning point. They need to become a company that does not just provide data and voice services. In fact, they have been forced to the corner and have to start innovating.

Guide Design founder and director of Design weekly


The boundaries between different design professions began to blur, and there was a tendency for convergence. This is driven by demand. Now the enterprise wants to look for the comprehensive design means, solves the brand, the market, the user and so on each aspect question, this demand drives the different design profession to accelerate the fusion speed, the broad sense design consultation can reflect the value more.


2011 in the narrow sense of the product level commendable design and innovation is indeed not much, but in the service model and business model innovation is endless, such as micro-letter. They are the things that are born for this age.


A book and a documentary

"Key Design Report" (Designing Interactions), Bill Mogrich (Bill Moggridge), Citic Press.

The "Design Talent" (The Genius of Designs), produced by the BBC, has a total of 5 episodes, each set is 1 hours long.

The former Combs the human interaction between the past and the future from mouse to gesture manipulation, while the latter outlines the history of product design, starting with the bread machine that bakes the Arsenal team logo on toast.

Source: First Financial Weekly

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