How can a grassroots webmaster accumulate network connections

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Today's society, if not very good network resources is difficult to achieve success, in reality, the Internet also follows the same law, if not very good contacts, it is difficult to achieve success, but many people say, I help on the internet a person who has never met just a symbol of virtual characters, How can you get other people's sincerity? But we still believe in sincerity can pass, just like net love never stop!

So how can you get your own network? We can actually transplant some of the methods of reality into the Internet! Because the Internet is virtual, but it is also based on the reality!

First, the initiative to communicate with others

In fact, many of the webmaster are belong to the otaku type, like at home, through the network and other people, but a lot of communication is passive, in the major forums have been diving, never to express their views, also do not agree with or oppose the views of others, all the flow of the world, it is difficult to accumulate their own resources on the internet! On the internet to take advantage of all available platforms, to learn to actively communicate with others, although there is no face-to-face opportunities in the Internet, this allows us to calmly communicate, and will not feel any embarrassment, so the initiative and others communication is to cultivate the first step of networking!

Second: Be able to help others actively

On the internet there will be a lot of friends who need help, and most of the internet people are hoping to get help from the Internet, if you take the initiative to help others on the internet, then other people will naturally express gratitude to you, although never met, but the human nature is a drop of grace when the spring of the report, Like a meteor butterfly sword, the old man is usually very enthusiastic to help others, when their own death, there will always be different people gave up their lives to help uncle, it is in front of the result of the defeat of the opponents of the fruit! So the second way to cultivate your network is to know how to help others!

Third: Treat others sincerely

You know, in addition to the initiative to help others, there is an important point is to treat others sincerely, do not think of helping others to get the return of others, if others do not repay you, you will abuse, and even slander others, so with utilitarian nature to help others is very bad, there is no way to cultivate their own contacts, Only to be sincere to others, can be in a long time to keep a good heart, after all, friends between the exchanges is not only to see for a while, the so-called road horse horsepower day long see people, only to be sincere to treat others can let others sincerely treat you!

Do the above three steps to be able to effectively in their own network of people in the circle of respect, when you really need help, as long as you say, others will spare no effort to help you, then you want to do the site do not want to succeed is very difficult, to know that the success of the site is to need people's pursuit, if no one holds you, It is very difficult to achieve success! This article brand net original, A5 first, URL: reprint Please specify, thank you!

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