How can the social behavior of consumers be transformed into income from social platforms?

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Tencent Science and Technology (Lin Jingdong) Beijing time August 4 News, the famous Science and technology blog site BusinessInsider Research Institute BII recently published a research report, analysis of some companies and business models through the social media strategy to carry out business success stories, The data behind the social-business transformation and the difference in order value between the social platforms are analyzed, and the reasons for Pinterest's success in social business and the potential for Facebook's development in social business are analysed.

The overall use of social media platforms is growing, with countless consumers logging on to Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest social platforms to top and post Twitter and nail pictures every day. Retailers and brand makers are also increasingly concerned about social commerce.

But here's the question: how can you turn consumer social behavior into income for social platforms? Can social media really be a source of revenue generation or increased traffic?

After research, BII has summed up some trends in the social business market, which will transform social media into a viable business platform. These development trends are as follows:

1. The rise of Mobile:

The rise of the mobile means that consumers can make comparisons anytime, anywhere, and seek pertinent advice from their friends. Overall, Mobile's share of consumer time attracted by social media has reached 40% per cent, with Facebook's mobile business having more than 50%,pinterest's share of consumer time reaching 48%.

Facebook and Pinterest share more than 56% of the total E-commerce sales generated by social media, according to Addshoppers, a social-business platform. Since the number of mobile devices will continue to increase, this proportion will only continue to rise.

As brand makers pay more attention to social media and the booming mobile market, social media will inevitably turn away from the traditional display of advertising business to the emerging social-business model.

How much of the social media-inspired shopping behavior is done through mobile devices?

2, the emergence of visual network:

Many sites, such as Tumblr, Pinterest, Instagram and Wanelo, bring together a variety of shopping concepts that have become the vanguard of fashion. For example, the results of a new survey by Mobile directory company Zmags show that 63% of online shoppers say they intend to use the web directory, while another 35% of consumers say they intend to use Pinterest to assist in shopping.

American Featured product retailer accepts social media ratios

3. Demographic statistics:

Young consumers are used to shopping online, and they tend to use smartphones and tablets as an important shopping tool. The majority of Pinterest's users are between 30 and 49 years old, and consumers in this age group usually have the financial resources to rich. Pinterest's users tend to be more feminine, and businesses know that women usually control the money bags for household items such as clothing, household goods and gifts, which is the Pinterest's most-watched commodity. There is growing evidence that Pinterest is actively encouraging consumers to shop in physical stores.

Where do the Pinterest-affected consumers find the last item they buy in a physical store?

4. There are still many important challenges:

Whatever form of social commerce requires a better reflection of the basic principles of e-commerce. Amazon has done very well in this area, as long as the online shopping operation is simple and convenient, consumers will gladly accept it. Many consumers may sometimes log on to a retailer's website because of a social recommendation, when they are not buying strongly and are likely to disappear quickly. Now, before the user sees the most critical "buy" button, the social business strategy will be a good first.

The average value per order varies from market research institutions, but Pinterest is at the forefront of any research institute's statistics.

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