How Do I Choose a Cloud Hosting Provider for A Startup?

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First of all: the server price is not expensive, and the bandwidth is actually more expensive. It is important to start from the requirements, and choose the configuration according to your needs.

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Buying a server simply isn't much use, and the intention is important. If it is for the company's intranet, you can simply choose it, consider the cost performance level, and choose according to your own budget and the price of cloud services.

Generally speaking, cloud services are charged on an annual basis, which can be considered based on their own budget. The higher the price, the more expensive the configuration will be. If the purpose is to build a website or a game server, the bandwidth issue must be considered again, such as hosting.

Furthermore: Need to balance "stability & reliability"

For cloud servers, the two major features of stability and reliability are indispensable! The same is true for CDN. Stability is a prerequisite. Without stability, there is nothing else.
Purchasing on demand: Choose based on website traffic (traffic) and type
Configuration level: focus on CPU, memory, hard disk, traffic, bandwidth and other factors
The configuration must match the requirements. If the website traffic cannot be matched, delays, freezes, etc. are naturally difficult to avoid.
If the site is particularly simple, with only static pages, simple configuration is sufficient.

Complete after-sales and filing services: 24/7 hours a day service is important.

It is inevitable that there will be problems in the use of cloud servers for sale. Some problems require the assistance of the operator to resolve them. This situation requires the after-sales support of the host company to be found at any time.
In addition, services are attributed to basic telecommunications value-added services, so their service providers need to obtain national approval. If there is no value-added telecommunications service, it will be stopped by the relevant departments at any time, which will naturally affect all customers. The service provider's understanding of the national policy and the support of the filing process are also the basics to ensure that customers can legally comply.
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