How Do I Choose a Cloud Hosting Service?

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How to choose cloud server configuration? Choosing a cloud server configuration needs to be determined according to different application situations, because different types of websites or applications have different main requirements for the server. such as:

1. The web category (portal, movie, e-commerce) mainly consumes bandwidth resources, because there are many pictures and streaming media on the web site, and the user accesses the server to establish a connection to obtain this information, which is relatively small compared to the software application server. .

2. For compute-intensive applications, the cloud server configuration should be a high-frequency CPU; for I / O-intensive applications, a high-speed large-capacity disk should be configured; for network-intensive applications, a high-speed network should be configured.

3. Software (erp, financial software, OA) is mainly for data storage and calculation. It consumes more cloud host CPU and memory hardware, because the amount of data accessed by a single user is less and the bandwidth consumed is less.

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Hard drive and bandwidth

The size of the hard disk should be determined according to the size of the website, and the remaining space should be considered when selecting. In addition, the I / O reading speed of the hard disk directly determines the speed of file reading. Cloud hosts have no traffic restrictions, so bandwidth is mainly considered. Bandwidth is a direct manifestation of the opening speed of a website. The greater the bandwidth, the faster the opening speed when accessing. For websites with a large number of visitors, it is recommended to choose a large bandwidth.

operating system

If the website or application is an ASP program, then the Windows operating system is preferred. If the website is written in PHP and the Linux system supports PHP programs better, the Linux operating system is the better choice.

CPU and memory

The CPU represents the computing power of the cloud computing server. If the website traffic is large and there are many dynamic pages, it is recommended to choose a CPU with more than 4 cores. Memory is also an important factor in determining the speed of opening a website. The larger the memory, the larger the available cache, and the faster the opening speed.

Computer room line

The customer mainly chooses telecommunication lines for telecommunications. If the customer is mainly Unicom, choose Unicom lines. If the customer is facing the whole country, select the two-line or BGP multi-line. If the customer is overseas, you don't want to record, you can choose Hong Kong cloud hosting.
Users can freely choose configurations such as vCPU, memory, data disks, and bandwidth according to different needs. They can also upgrade the bandwidth without downtime at any time. The vCPU and memory can be upgraded within 1 minute to support the continuous development of the business. Cloud server product link
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