How does a small website compete with a station?

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Is your site always being crushed by a great station? Have your original articles been reproduced in front of you? Have you ever felt that search engines prefer a great station? The question of how and how to compete for stations has been mentioned, especially the small websites with high quality content are always aggrieved and feel unfair, So how do small Web sites compete with the stations?

Google Webmaster platform recently asked the webmaster, with high-quality content of the small Web site how to rank more than the site with large traffic? A region or a country's brand site has higher traffic, which leads to higher rankings, and then continue to get higher traffic, cycle, this is a vicious circle. How does a small website compete with a station?


In this case, Google first disagreed with a brand site will naturally lead to higher traffic and better search rankings of the assumption, but Google did not completely deny this situation, but said that this is not always true. Because many of the smaller sites are often able to deliver fresh content faster than large sites, the ability to do so usually means getting a higher ranking in search results.

Google said that a small web site with quality content will eventually become a larger site, such as Facebook, Instagram, or even Google as a small site, and eventually become a major station, such examples are many, because they are more focused on the user experience, but also provide more value. If you make a better content and user experience than your current ranking site, you'll get better performance over time.

Finally, in response to the question of how small Web sites compete with the great stations, Google gives the idea of continuing to create better content because, over time, this is one of the best ways to rank ahead.

You can see that Google does not deny that the flow of large sites will get a better ranking, but also did not deny large sites will have a better ranking, which is related to the current search engine identification technology, and more important on the one hand because the user's search needs, because the search engine is to give users a better search So there are a lot of decisions about rankings, such as: Site authority, site level, user experience, response links, and so on. It is impossible to put you in front of you just because you are original, which is not necessarily the best search result. In fact, the user is concerned about the content of his value? Useful? Rather than the content of who is provided, so if others reprint your article, in your original foundation added more value, experience than your good on a hundredfold, that should not line in front of you? I'm sure you would like to see such search results.

Also because of this, Google can only suggest to continue to create better content, other fundamental guarantee, because high-quality content can promote rankings, and no one algorithm said high-quality content of the site will be ranked. At the same time, Google is also very wise to point out that many large stations are by constantly creating quality content, pay attention to the quality of the experience of the station, which is also implied that the big stations are also a step-by-step accumulation, and there is no natural advantage, there is no quick way. If you want to surpass them in two days a day, I'm sorry, you're doubting Google's judgment.

So wood also thinks that small sites want to exceed the rankings of large sites, first you have to subdivide, focus on a content, and then constantly produce quality content, the content to achieve the ultimate; second, in addition to content, the site's various aspects of experience to keep up, can go beyond the place to go beyond; Finally, we have to dig some creative, different things, Create the bright spot of differentiation. Very simple sentence: Want to go beyond, you have to do better, pay more, because you chase after, synchronization is never beyond.

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