How does the CEO of a start-up company dismiss an unfit person?

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1 How to evaluate a person is not suitable?

There is no absolute standard to judge whether a person is suitable or not suitable for a company, only to determine the appropriate cultural atmosphere that you need to build. This is a wonderful example of every successful entrepreneurial team. Our side is relatively simple: good character, bad dismissal, good left to cultivate, training is not good to change posts, because I personally hope that the company's old employees.

2 Is it just your own judgment or will you consult with the rest of the team?

In the vast majority of cases, we are collectively consulted here. There are 3 advantages, one is to judge more accurately, to avoid mistakes; the second one strengthens teamwork and enhances team cohesion; The 3rd is to communicate the cultural standards of enterprises more effectively. Of course, the final decision is usually decided by itself.

3 How to implement this process?

It's usually a step, unless it's just a short entry. The first step is to talk to him, to point out his problems, and to be honest about his merits, and then from the height of the company, expect him to improve on which points. This process is actually a day-to-day management effort to promote team growth, not to expel people. But if the other side is incorrigible, and so on dismissal, everyone can achieve mutual understanding. I like this way, to the company, to the individual help, in most cases, the process of breaking up with each other understanding, and sometimes reluctant to.

4 Do you do the black or others?

This look at the job division of labor, your direct subordinates of course you do ah, your indirect subordinates of course to others do ah! If it is fear of conflict, as long as the 3rd is done, everything is very frank and natural, very few conflicts.

5 How to prevent employees from dismissing the impact of the start-up company?

Dismissing employees can be beneficial to the development of the company. First of all, you have to have a clear standard, written on the paper, the usual meeting is expressed or not, this is part of the company's corporate culture. Second, you have to be transparent, the most easy to make the mistake is who do not know why the dismissal of this staff, the end will be divergent views, leading to instability, so that the 2nd is also very important. After doing these things, most employees will not be aware of your standards to do things, so that will be more orderly, the company is a good thing.

6 to dispel suspicion?

The 5th has been answered. We've had very little dismissal recently, but in the early years, the team's enthusiasm has improved faster and there has never been any suspicion. 、

Every entrepreneur has the characteristics of each entrepreneur, our side is characterized by the likes of team communication, collective decision-making, the above way to form a complete system, more suitable for us. But you may need to build your own system on your own.

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