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Most Internet products can not escape the misfortune is short-lived . So many years have a lot of products have disappeared, but also have a lot of products have been infinite, then there is no difference between them. What should entrepreneurs learn from them?

If the product compared to a person, then the product cycle can be divided into childhood, adolescence, youth, Prime, twilight years, good products in each stage has its own characteristics.

Funny Childhood

New products quickly attract users of the essential elements is fun and novelty , it is the user's curiosity, so many products to the big. Looking back at the popular and popular Internet products, which one doesn't have an interesting childhood? Whether it is a QQ farm or parking spaces, whether it is Baidu bar or micro Bo, just out of the number of people crazy, and then mouth, and even become gossip of the talk, the rapid accumulation of huge user groups, Not only makes it easy to make a profit, it also steps up a path for future growth. So to say a product wants to be popular, must try all means to Bo User a smile. The entrepreneur should according to the market demand, caters to the user psychology to do the product, if your product is not novel, untimely, even is the hard life imitation, then dies in the swaddling is not surprising.

A young man of ambition

The vagaries of the internet market are a bit of a dead end, and when you're still cheering for a lot of users, your opponents may have rolled out more of the same kind of products. It's easy to attract users, but it's hard to keep users. In the internet era of free supremacy, the product cycle is too short to talk about profitability. To retain and cultivate a loyal group of users, the continuous innovation of the product is vital, whether it is service improvement or functional expansion. Take the image of the app, the United States Mito from the beginning has been widely sought after, and now almost become an installed prerequisite software, and the same kind of demon diffuse camera from the beginning of the rush to the present unknown. In contrast, the United States Mito more practical, more perfect function, demon diffuse with novelty to attract users, but can not let novelty continue. Therefore, a good product in the early period to attract a large number of users must invest more money to ensure product quality, maintain the number of users, to avoid premature death. For the entrepreneur, you have to go the road is still very long, temporary success and can not guarantee the future smooth sailing, good product planning, to take precautions, only possible to go farther.

Promising Youth

A product in the medium term is to try to profit the best time, the user is relatively stable, product quality gradually tend to superior, to give investors a satisfactory answer, so promising is particularly important. Promising, plainly is the opportunity to create profit or to build an attractive prospect, the internet is a burning money industry, without investors capital injections, most of the products will inevitably die prematurely. Take micro Bo, can not be called a promising youth, although micro-blog has also been listed, but micro-blog profit way can not be satisfied, especially with a large number of ads, seriously affecting the user's product experience. On the contrary, micro-credit is much better than Weibo, micro-letter is not profitable, but its prospects are very attractive, a large user groups, micro-letter mall opened in a short span of a few years by a product into a platform and tools. If the success of the micro-letter is because there is a good father, then take the United States Regiment will not have the opinion of it, from many group buy the site of the fighting survived, there is no backstage of the United States and finally at the beginning of 2014 profit, is absolutely called on the Act. Mid-term is a product most investors value the time, but also the most challenging for entrepreneurs, can do to have a bearing on the product of life and death.

The prime of the mature

Ebb Tide, can live to the prime of life without being acquired by large companies are not many products, but the left is definitely the industry's big brother figures. The ability to dominate the market does not represent the ability to occupy the market forever, Caocao has a famous saying: "Excessive not husband", measurement is a product or even an enterprise can be based on the key. You have a large number of users, with abundant resources, then you should be from the closed to open. The Chinese people to pay together, firmly holding the resources refused to share, will become the object of criticism, a few years ago we are competing to accuse Tencent is a very good case, fortunately Tencent is smart enough to finally embark on an open road. In contrast, Sohu and other generations are not so lucky. Ali seems to have been a people's participation in the beginning of the company, whether it is Taobao or the cat is the vast grassroots gathered into the stage, Alipay for more products to provide a payment portal. Give the newcomer a chance is also to leave a way for themselves, the Internet does not have eternal giants, there is no way out. However, looking at the new products of the Internet, these prime enterprises are far from the degree of the poor. The entrepreneur should grasp the limited open resources, enlarge themselves, and strive to become a member of the future Open service.

In the Twilight of Virtue

There is no product that lasts long. Although Tencent strong for nearly a decade, his product line is not immutable, social games continue to change, the product line is constantly expanding, housekeeping QQ is constantly updated, QQ to the twilight years there are micro-letter to take over. A product to the twilight year, it is particularly important to have virtue. Virtuous is a degree of upgrade, not only to share resources is a ladder, as the basis of the tools for new products to provide services. e-Mail can be said to be the most virtuous products, from the Internet began a mailbox has emerged, more than 10 years past the mailbox has already entered Twilight, but the mailbox has become the most basic products on the Internet. Its function is no longer limited to send and receive mail, we use the mailbox to register new products, subscribe and so on, it is this mailbox has a permanent life. Of course, some products in the past after the glory is half dead, and even be scolded as old and not die. Since ancient times, people on the loyal elders often respected to propriety, for the Internet products have Germany is not so it.

Internet products can not be replaced by traditional products, and it is the interconnection of this feature to provide entrepreneurs with a wealth of entrepreneurial opportunities, I hope more entrepreneurs to do a good job of products, to be interesting, aspiring, promising, have degrees, have Germany, not let Internet products become fast consumer goods.

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