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As a novice webmaster, I also want to own a website. Think for a long time, only to determine the theme of the site, and then began to design the site page. With the "> website page and the completion of the program, the choice of virtual host has to be taken seriously." A good site, the premise is to have a good foundation, that is, virtual host space. Therefore, I am here today and many novice webmaster to share some of the experience of buying a virtual host.

First, domestic and foreign virtual host
First of all, to consider the issue of the record, the novice webmaster know that the domestic space of the filing process is not only intricate, but also a lot of restrictions, want to do a favorite site to see the space service provider's face. In contrast, foreign virtual host will be much better, in short, all good discussion, and exempt from the record, save a lot of unnecessary formalities, bought a foreign virtual host is really a multiplier.

So I did not hesitate to choose a foreign virtual host.
Second, the characteristics of foreign virtual host foreign outside the virtual host is mainly php+mysql+apache+sql+access+html virtual host, where the characteristics of the host, it has a very powerful host management software, and PHP, MySQL and access features a free software while the ASP space of the virtual host is less and more expensive, and finally I want to say is Asp+sqlserver Virtual host his biggest feature is the expensive price. For our novice webmaster is also very difficult to afford.

Third, the virtual host speed
Buy foreign virtual host, novice webmaster will take into account the speed of access, open the host test the speed of the site is not to force, do this site will not have the meaning of existence. So you can see the host evaluation effect, then how to choose a fast access to the virtual host? From the speed of domestic visits, some fast, some slow, slower: You can download the speed test to see, with the FTP upload speed is about 10k, mainly related to the line, and the speed of access from the United States are almost, how to choose the fastest domestic access to the host, this will you first to understand the host business evaluation, Then go to test their host, a lot of foreign host to provide testing, you can test for a period of time, and then consider the issue of purchase.

Host Speed test:
Iv. Flow problem
How much traffic is provided by a virtual host is important. Traffic is money, the webmaster are most clear. Some space for you to limit 1G, 2G, 5G, 10G traffic. Foreign virtual host general monthly 20G flow of the mainframe is basically 5 to 10 dollars or so. Do not believe that "unlimited bandwidth" (unlimited traffic) This kind of nonsense, if there is, either pure fraud, or the export bandwidth is very low (which in fact still limit traffic). For the general web site, 50G to 10G traffic is enough, so there are traffic restrictions to purchase the host security, speed will not be limited.

Five, the server on less limited space is generally very large, from hundreds of M to a few g all have, the price is basically similar; there are no concurrent 1 FTP restrictions, no restrictions on the use of: Phpinfo () and other command execution; Allow Apache raw Log/error log access (with background log round robin) Error logs are important, otherwise the installation of CGI programs cannot be debugged at all, and many also provide automatic Awstats log statistics services.

Vi. Virtual Host management issues
Most of the domestic novice owners to buy the virtual host, in the management of their own space, the first must be logged into the host's official website, and then log into their own account, the last to enter the management page for management, the author bought a host before the domain name, management trouble died. Opening websites is a dead card, not to mention logging into your own account. Choose a virtual host with a separate admin panel best. Like the Sol virtual host, you can log in directly via ip:2082. Such a management panel at least let webmaster see at a glance, not like to go back and forth to the official website click some links trouble. I think the independent panel management space comparison. In this internet age, we all want to be Baidu Robin Li, Tencent ma such people. From now on, take every step, do a good job every choice in the Internet industry healthy and happy growth. Novice webmaster can also be a big shot. This article is from "a Bai Internet host understand" How to purchase virtual Host Operation Tutorial:

The first step: Enter an Internet official Website login (or register) account, select a virtual host. Here we take the purchase capacity of 100M m-type virtual host and G-type virtual host for example.
1. Landing site, click the navigation bar "virtual Host" button, as shown:

2. In this page to find the M-type virtual host column, you will see a capacity of 100M, 1G virtual host and so on products, directly click to buy.

3. If you have any questions about this product, you can click on the online consultation, there will be a professional customer service to help you mind the answer. For more information on the "Buy" button, click here to see the detailed parameters of the M-type virtual host and the G-type virtual host. Including basic configuration, function configuration, host management functions and many other functions, so that you can see before you choose the full functionality of your virtual host.

Note: There are many functions, limited to the layout, no longer listed.
Step Two: Click the Buy button button. You can choose according to your own situation. In general, the selection of the host line you do the type of site, if your site audience contains only the southern population, it is recommended that you use the virtual host of the telecommunications line, if it is the national recommended that you choose a dual-line virtual host or BGP multi-line virtual host. If you think the domain name record trouble, we suggest you choose foreign space, that is, Korea space, Hong Kong virtual host, the United States virtual host. Purchase years, here can choose from a year to 10 years, if you have enough money, suggest you choose to buy three years, think you can enjoy the "virtual host buy three years to send a year" privileges (PS: This is the real low-cost virtual host OH). Then fill in the FTP username and to bind the domain name, for the required options, and finally choose whether the pre-installed program, hook into the next step.

Note: All violations of national laws and regulations of the content, affected by the impact of network stability, such as the type of Web site, we have strict monitoring measures, once found, immediately permanently closed, do not refund! As a result of the collection of Web sites on the server is very large, so I am all of our virtual host does not support the collection of sites, including Amoy class site! The third step: Click to confirm, you can complete the purchase of the entire process of virtual host, when the virtual host is still not available, only the completion of the payment of the official opening use. You can use the Internet banking, or recharge the way payment. Note that if you choose a product that does not pay for 3 days, the system will automatically release your subscription information.

The fourth step: regarding the payment, enters backstage clicks "The order" to be able to see your order, clicks the payment, or on-line payment can. Click on the fee is remember to recharge first.

How to buy all the steps of the virtual host to this end, the next step is to open the space, how to upload the Web page file through FTP.

Fifth step: How the virtual host binds the domain name

The sixth step: the website Brave virtual host manages the FTP to upload after the simple website clicks publishes successfully completes the website production.

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