How many people are willing to Luo Yonghao a "hammer" and so on for six months?

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Some things, even recognized Luo Yonghao eloquence can do nothing.

Leiyun tired of explaining the problem of insufficient production, now cross in front of Luo Yonghao. This time, Lao Luo flaunting craftsmanship chose to have something to say about the sale a few days prior to the official launch of its hammer cell phone, the Smartisan T1.

On the evening of July 5, Luo Yonghao said on his Weibo that due to the lack of production capacity, the hammer cell phone will not be sold more than 1,000 units on July 8 when it is on sale. In the next mass production process, The ideal state can only be sold for 1,800 a day.

According to Luo Yonghao data given before, Smartisan T1 has more than 200,000 consumers book, in accordance with this calculation, even in the best state of the day for sale 1800, to achieve full delivery also need more than 3 months time.

It is noteworthy that, 16G version with the 32G version will not be shipped at the same time, depending on the manufacturer's production plan. This means that users who subscribe to the 32G version may not receive their cellphone for months. And Luo Yonghao also admitted that priority purchase code customers will get priority mobile phones, and this part of the customer has nearly 8,000 people.

The reason for insufficient production capacity, Luo Yonghao given the reason is because the hammer cell phone "harsh workmanship", which led to reduced production line yield, so the shipments will be reduced.

On the other hand, he also implied that Foxconn, the maker of the hammer cellphone, did not pay enough attention to the hammer cell phone, thus resulting in the under-production of the hammer cellphone. Foxconn will add new lines if the first dozen or so thousand hammers are sold out quickly. Luo Yonghao quite confident: "This is simply a certain."

Foxconn's production capacity and yield dragged the hammer mobile phone hind legs, Luo Yonghao this interpretation is quite familiar. The end of 2012, Lei Jun made a microblogging, the supply of millet 2 reasons for the lack of supply to Qualcomm, the results of the comments caused a condemning Lei Jun forced the closure of the comments.

And Luo Yonghao this self-cherished statement, or suffer a lot of questions.

Weibo users said: "I am dissatisfied with Luo Yonghao place is that he did not know yesterday, lack of capacity and yield problems since he wanted to show his sincerity and frankly, why do we hold back until yesterday to say? This and Lei Jun What is the difference, but also capacity shortage, but also line up, but also climbing, but also hundreds of units a day.

For such voices, Mr. Luo Yonghao, who was ridiculed as a famous comic artist in the industry, is still very calm. When he replied to the microblog, he even said: "It is not an excuse. People usually understand those who sincerely tell their own troubles, but entrepreneurs Less so, so I'm more valuable. "

At the noisy conference on May 20 at the National Convention Center, Luo Yonghao said something quite literary and actually touched a group of fans. "As an obsessive-compulsive disorder patient, I always want to do everything at every point A detail brings out our pride and joy. "

In the face of the future for a long time can not mobile phone users, "want to make every success" Luo Yonghao really need to give his 6 million fans an account. After all, how many people are willing to wait for a "hammer" of Luo Yonghao for a small half-year, after the iteration of a smart phone product updates the rapid market?

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