How should the novice stationmaster solve the problem that puzzles us?

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No matter what the industry, as a novice always some such things are bothering us, as a novice webmaster How should we do? Learn from the experience of the predecessors and use, or according to their own slowly accumulated experience to solve the problems encountered. This is a process, presumably everyone webmaster friends need to go through.

In fact, before the site, I do not know what is a CMS system, what SEO, basic html are very laborious. So I started a crazy Google trip, gradually learned some basic knowledge, I side of Google to do their own Ningxia network information station. Because just do the station, do not understand a lot, inevitably have a lot of problems, but I believe you insist. I feel the novice stationmaster do station of confused and helpless, below is my own some opinion, hope can give novice stationmaster some help.

1, collapse to do the station

Think of the direction of their own website, do not give up lightly, no one will casually succeed, in fact, we do the station at the same time we learned a lot, in the process of doing the station accumulated experience is their own wealth.

2, you insist on

Can not adhere to the common problems of webmaster, for example, the webmaster is the most concerned about, now Baidu to the new station included a survey of the time, may be one months, or longer time, some webmaster will not adhere to, not to be sure, such as Baidu included when and can give a good ranking, your station is not open. So you insist on, once done a new station, slowly, with some included, there is a point ranking to continue to update, and eventually form a virtuous circle, don't be discouraged, do not daunting!

3. Use Search

The network is a treasure trove of knowledge, do not understand when asked Baidu, puzzled when Google, helpless when the A5 I think there is always the answer you need.

Everyone is from the novice, rookie slowly grow up, no one is born to be a master, believe in themselves, do your station, I believe that everyone will succeed.

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