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Analyzing competitors is an important part of business competition. The same is true for e-business practitioners. As a platform for E-commerce operations, competitors of the site, of course, also need to focus on analysis.

So how do you analyze a competitor's Web site? Here's a little bit of my experience, some tool names may not be accurate, if you have questions please criticize!

First, look at the hardware

1. Query the competitor's domain name

Through the million nets can be found. But sometimes a competitor's domain name registrant and a registered company may not be himself, but you can search for relevant keywords to look at, and may also get other clues.

2. View your opponent's servers

In general, a stand-alone server is a symbol of strength. (assuming so, not to belittle whose meaning)

To view a competitor's server, first query the server's IP address by domain name. There are a lot of tools on the Web to check out. Baidu search for "domain name corresponding IP query." Similar features for websites such as: Http:// Knowing the IP address of the competitor's website, you can know the corresponding server location and the number of sites on this server. Search for "Number of server site queries" on Baidu to find similar tools. If the number of sites on a server is large, it means a virtual server, whereas a stand-alone server. Some competitors have a lot of domain names, may be used to do auxiliary stations or chain station, it is possible to put on a server at the same time, through this tool, it is possible to know the competitor of these domain names. Let's say you have one. COM and A. cn domain name, perhaps the former keyword is A1, the latter keyword is A2, but everyone is familiar with only the. com Web site, for the. CN website is not aware, there may be no knowledge of competitors other business. (PS: It seems that the Web site links on the same server will be considered invalid, do not pass the weight.) )

Second, look at the code

1. Study the source file of the homepage of the website, check the keyword setting of the opponent.

For a competitor's website, first analyze the home page, then analyze level two pages, and so on.

Click on the browser's page---View the source file. Pop up a notepad where you can see the opponent's keyword settings.

General homepage of the title is the site's main business, the importance of the title is relatively high, if here is a sentence, but this sentence contains the keyword, then the company should have a master of optimization Oh!

Description's description of the Web page, typically contains keywords that are also involved in the competitor's keywords.

Keywords is the key word of this webpage, but now this meaning is not big, search engine to basically already ignored.

There are some other code, but basically do not need to pay attention to, after all, for e-commerce, the important thing is the product, for the electrical business, SEO must be moderate, safe. Just take the basic deal!

2. View about 10 Products page, to see how the competitive optimization.

If the competitor's title of each product page is a product of the titles, description is the first paragraph of the product introduction, then the competitor's website product page should be automatically added title and description. Conversely, it is manually set.

You can also see if the picture in the competitor's merchandise page adds an alt description. Look at the Web page source file to see if there is a description in the code below alt. To a certain extent to see the competitive strength of the competitor.

Third, the search promotion method

What are the promotional methods used by the opponents ' websites?

1. Link Way

In Baidu (GOOGLE) input site: (competitor domain name), you can see the collection of opponents.

In Baidu (GOOGLE) input link: (competitor domain name), you can see the competitor reverse link. Reverse link knowledge there are many, such as reverse link and PR update about, some search engine reverse link is inaccurate, different search engine query method and so on no longer discuss scope, interested can go to search "site reverse link" "How to query the reverse link of the website" and so on.

The reverse link of a competitor's website is simply: what site points to a competitor's website if you have the patience, you can click on these backlinks one after the other. Some are due to and other sites have done a friendship link, you can see if you could also and this site to do friendship links. Some are competitors ' websites posted on some websites with links, you can know how competitors generally go to what site publicity, you have found this site? If not, you should get started! There are a number of special promotional methods, such as once again I found a training site backlinks a lot from KU6 , a check, originally he uploaded a lot of training video on KU6! or from a lot of links and so on.

2. Query the competitor's keywords, web site, the other side of the customer service number, mailbox and so on.

Often search the search engine for these content of the competitor, you will also find a lot of each other's dynamics. For example, where did the other person left the Web site, and where posted a post.

3. Let Google help you keep an eye on your competitors!

The company's name, URL, etc. set as Google News keyword, as long as one of these keywords appear, Google will send these to your mailbox, is equal to Google specifically help you stare at the same. But it is best to apply for a new mailbox, because a lot of Google News, will soon fill your mailbox! And in the setting, do not set the popular, set up with the competitor company closely related. For example, the other side of the customer service, telephone, the other boss name and so on! (This article is supplied by

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