How to analyze and compete with your website from the angle of SEO

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Whether you are a manufacturer or a businessman, you need to keep an eye on the dynamics of your competitor, known to know that, victorious. And in E-commerce, network marketing activities, the first thing to pay attention to is the opponents of the site and analysis of it! So how to face a competitive web site how to analyze it? Here is a summary of the SEO points:

In Baidu, Google to your main keywords to search, analysis of the site structure of competitors ' websites, and to get their site ranked important reasons!

1 website Structure:

This is the most important, can be said to be the core of the whole SEO. To analyze the overall site structure of competitors, columns and content page design, where is optimized, to obtain advantages and disadvantages.

2 Keywords layout:

appropriate, reasonable to the layout of keywords, in favor of the search engine rankings. This involves the page title, keywords, description and other writing and keywords in the layout of the page. Keywords appear frequency, density, natural and so on.

3) tags (meta) application:

Meta tags in the application of SEO, or in terms of the proportion of the role of the ranking, has been left, but in other ways it is necessary to use. The investigation of this aspect is mainly to look at the distribution of the long tail words of competitors. Believe you can learn a lot from your opponents ' meta writing-perhaps it's a good way to see how competitors can attract potential customers.

4 H1,h2,h3,strong and other label applications:

The site hierarchy is clear, the keyword is prominent, you can analyze the competitor's source code to draw conclusions. and H1,h2,h3,strong and other labels are the key to the embodiment of these problems. Its role can be on the Xiamen Seo.clazy blog to understand.

5 The composition of the website content:

SEO optimization, in addition to the site structure is the most important, the site content can be placed in the second place. The content of the site not only to original, distributed into the keywords you want, but also more important or you are writing to the user to see. By reading a competitor's article, how do people create articles around keywords? Good articles need to be fed to spiders, and to cater to the needs of visitors.

6 Internal Link Building:

The construction of the reasonable internal link is related to whether the whole structure of the website is unblocked, and whether the Web page or column can be smoothly connected. A good internal link allows the crawler to form a good loop when crawling. In a way, internal links are more important than external links. To analyze the relevance and rationality of the internal links of competitors ' websites, you will often benefit a lot.

7 External Links:

The competitor external links query out, for fine differentiation, specific segmentation: High-quality links, links, one-way links, soft links, and even some of the traces of mass and so on. Link construction, especially the construction of external links, is likely to affect rankings at any time. Clazy that this is because of the uncontrollable factors of external links.

As above, the top two pages of the site analysis out, to compare, to find out why the search engine will be such rankings. Then the analysis of the data, take the advantages of everyone to apply to their own web site. I believe your station will get a good ranking as you expect in the near future.

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