How to arrange the healthy and effective outside the chain for the novice stationmaster

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For novice Seoer, the first time to get a website to optimize its time, always feel unprepared. This is the most correct description of the state of mind for a novice like me, but it can't be done at all and needs to move forward. First let me think is the site optimization of a timeless truth, that is, "the content of the king, outside the chain for the emperor." Believe that as long as the content of the site plus health and effective outside the chain, the site's ranking will certainly improve. So for the novice webmaster, how to decorate a healthy and effective outside the chain?

First: For the novice stationmaster, need to look for the place which can publish the chain, the most common is the website forum, the blog, the Baidu pastes, the question and answer website and so on. If you really can't think of any place to release the chain, you can go to domain in the search engine home on the competitor website, see these sites outside the chain published in which places, the enemy and the win.

In order to make the chain more healthy and effective, the webmaster is best to the weight of the higher, a daily collection of larger sites in the release of the chain, the release of high-quality soft text to drive reprint, which can increase the number of chain, which not only embodies the quality, more importantly, bring a certain number. is to achieve the "stone" role. Another blog release outside the chain effect is not as obvious as the forum, the need to slowly cultivate blog, which requires long-term perseverance.

Second: For the novice webmaster, always too eager, because this mood will often decorate the outside chain of garbage and anchor text links, thereby causing fatal impact on the site. Too impatient novice webmaster will like to use mass software on the forum to release a large number of outside the chain, in the short term this way can increase the number of the chain, but the quality of the chain will become a mess, for a long time, these outside the chain will also be deleted by the Forum administrator, the final site rankings will be greatly affected, or even serious, The site will be k off. So the way the forum mass is still away.

At present many blogs will use the nofollow tag, prohibits the link to pass the weight, therefore publishes outside the chain in these places, obviously has no effect. Therefore, for the novice webmaster, you must check the distribution of the outside of the chain of the existence of nofollow label, do not because of this and long-term do not work hard.

Third: The release of the chain in the site optimization process, is also a long-term work, to always ensure the stability of the chain growth, for a new online site, the site's external chain to publish each time to increase, to the last stable number of releases, because for the new station, can not release too many outside the chain, This can cause the search engine suspicion. For the old station, outside the chain is to focus on stability.

For novice webmaster, to improve the ranking of the site needs is high-quality health effective outside the chain, rather than the pile of spam links. The individual thinks the novice stationmaster arranges the release outside the chain, the most important one principle is the gradual progress, cannot be too impatient.

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