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Is it because of the downturn in the city, or is it because of the mentality? or is it because of the problem of personal investment direction?

I think it's a personal investment problem.

How many domain name investors have been entered since 06? Everyone look at this forum.

New friends are new blood, new money to enter, is good, but this is for this industry, new into the business of the friend calm down for 3 minutes to think about what you have done since joining the industry? Is it a fad or does it take time and effort to really study it?

What you want to share here is how to be a steady investor.

What kind of investment attitude

Don't dream of you registering a domain name today someone will send you an e-mail to buy it, domain name investment and fund investment is very similar, time is the best investment means, of course, this is based on high-quality domain name, not face the market demand for registration of the domain name for a century also difficult to meet buyers.

So let us do a wait-and-see investors, domain name in the hand to be prepared to renew, to believe that your domain name will be able to meet the buyer in the future, of course, or that sentence, the basis is to have a high-quality domain name, this is what we want to say below.

How to have the domain name that the market needs?

First of all, before registering a domain name you need to consider what is the use of this domain name? What kind of buyer is willing to buy your domain name? If you build your own station, will you use this domain name? Convince yourself before you can convince others. This principle applies to almost all you want to register the domain name, does not apply to three-digit letters, three digits, the company domain name. Three digits, three letters have been registered, do not need to consider; Company domain name refers to domestic and foreign companies unregistered domain name, my method is to foreign companies domain name first Google, see if the other countries have enabled domain name, if any, registration.

Second, avoid the bandwagon. Investment is to spend their own money, so to have their own judgment, so I am very opposed to Jimmy said, 05, 06 three letters to sweep the opportunity has become history, the follow-up sweep three miscellaneous, four figures, five figures in my opinion are too crazy, is not a lot of friends now quilt?

In addition, use your eyes to judge the future of an industry. Good practice is to refer to the history of social development abroad, such as last month, I think China's outdoor sports market in the next 10 will have very great potential, so I registered a series of outdoor sports related domain name, but also acquired a few good outdoor sports domain name. Every industry has the potential, I believe more friends of the vision than I wide, the opportunity is naturally in everyone's hands.

Also, China is a new, huge, unlimited potential market, there will be countless foreign enterprises to enter the market, you have the channel to understand that there will be those enterprises? Are there any industries that foreign companies will want to come to? So find it through your connections, through your sensitivity to information. This practice is not the traditional gentleman, I just say, in the future, don't come to me

Finally, manage your own pockets, combined with your income plan you have the number of domain names, the other level of stability is to live within your means, do not get the next year's renewal of bankruptcy.

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