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We know that the current site optimization is not just a good SEO surface strategy, many times the author thinks that good site construction is the key to the success of SEO, why do you say so? The author thinks SEO optimization is not a very important part of the code optimization? In particular, the current Baidu for user experience building requirements have become more and more strong, as a webmaster how do we come from the site before the basic work began to do a good job site optimization? The author today on the website before the preparation of the work and everyone to share in detail, OK, we gossip short continue to enter today's theme, SEO attached to the carrier how to build in line with the SEO site.

First, the future personalization of website construction is the focus. We know that before 2012 the Internet enterprise site is less often have a separate site will be in the interconnection to obtain a large number of traffic, and now in the homogenization of more and more serious situation I think to really do a good job site optimization, we can not rely on a simple template to build a station. Although the template website cost is low, the line is fast but the security question? What about the art details? Many users take into account such factors, the site's important security, maintenance, brand effects and other factors, personalized web site will still be the mainstream of construction.

Second, the website user experience construction will be the website construction key. The current user experience is widely mentioned, but what is the user experience? For example, the site is well laid out and the website code is simple and straightforward. At the same time, users of the site's quality requirements are rising, from not only focus on the details of the page to rise to the content of the value and richness. Thus, in the 3721.html ">2014 year, the website construction will pay more attention to the user experience, this kind of experience is not only the homepage design aspect, more is the content page and the classification page design detail." How to design to make the site more characteristic, richer content of the site is our focus.

Third, the brand effect of continuous improvement. The value of network brand is an indispensable part of our website value, this requires us to optimize the site when not only rely on the content of the site and the release of the chain, more is how to enhance their own site brand value, which is why Baidu's video site Archie Art can be very rapid rise of the key, Mainly from the strong brand value of Baidu, as our corporate website we have to establish their own web site value must understand our services and products are able to serve our corporate brand image services, or can and local well-known enterprises to cooperate with each other to establish propaganda positions to enhance the value of corporate brand.

Finally, the marketing site is the main trend for future enterprises to build stations. We know that the development of mobile Internet is now all dependent on marketing, micro-bo, micro-trust a variety of micro-platform to dizzying, which is why the development of mobile Internet has become a trend, mobile internet has become the development of the Internet is the next very broad market, which will lead to the Internet marketing format changes, In 2014 years, relying on a variety of platforms, marketing-oriented web site will be further development and expansion. Companies are also trying to build their own micro-platform, enough to be seen that the development of the Internet on the site construction of a new pattern has arrived.

Finally, the author concludes, as Seoer how should we find their own direction? I suggest that the site optimization we should also be adaptable, not only dead stare at the enterprise website, industry portal optimization above, but also should spend some time and effort to understand the mobile Internet, micro-platform optimization methods, In this case can not be trapped in their own development, to keep up with the trend of the times, let themselves walk in the forefront of the industry, good, the above article from original webmaster nets, reproduced please indicate the author copyright information, thank you for your cooperation.

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