How to change the dilemma of entrepreneurship

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A friend of mine has been in business for five years now, the content of starting a business change from this to that, change a lot of direction. In the absence of money also do their own outsourcing to make ends meet. They are probably the investors in the eyes of the "dead" companies, adhere to walk on the road of the entrepreneurs.

Have time to talk to him, the most discussed topic is naturally their new products, in fact, they encountered problems, many startups have encountered. is how to find the selling point that can drive the rapid growth of the product? My friend shared his own burst theory, although a bit of a palliative is not a permanent cure, but it is still a bit of use.

Popular unfamiliar social applications "Mo", the number of users more than 10 million, daily active more than 2 million, B-round financing valuation of 100 million U.S. dollars. Such a product, a major popular reason is known as "about cannon artifact."

Careful analysis and combined with the use of the surrounding friends, most of them can not be used to complete the application of the gun, unless it is those who provide services to the brothers and sisters, because the impact of the success of the gun is too many factors, it is not only through an application to change. It can not change the electrician, dead House, code farmers of the opposite sex communication barriers, can not let them out of "hello", "What are you doing", "Where are you" three difficult.

But "about cannon" this word to hook up a large number of lonely men and women, hidden in the depths of the heart of that a little throbbing, in the dead of night, open the MO, hoping to find an unknown "cannon friend." It is not important to be able to make an appointment here, but the need for a large number of users to know the application, and are holding a try mentality to use.

The rest, is the MO How to improve the user conversion rate, retention rate, starting rate of the product problem.

The idea dilemma of cock silk business

Others do photos, you do photos, others do circles, you do circles, others do attention, you do concern.

Others have you also have, others do not have you also have, not even than those popular products poor. But in addition to can not say too much, this is a typical cock silk business, thinking only stay in the code agriculture, product stage, away from the market and demand, this is unfamiliar social stage.

If you can take the time to think about the needs of users, perhaps you can summarize some of the selling points to help users solve the basic necessities of the community or entertainment, communication problems. But this is a lack of attractive enough to replace the product too much, not too strong use of power, which is stuck in the pick-up stage.

If one day, you in a friend's small talk to get an inspiration, can help people solve a existence has not been excavated demand, market only you, quickly into the market and get good marketing promotion effect, this time you have successfully entered the gun stage.

A good, high-quality product selling point, can help the product to get 10 times times, a hundredfold marketing effect, and even do not need your initiative to promote, it can bring you several times the amount of income and financing. Its importance, not inferior to product and creativity, suggest that we spend a little more time, looking for their products "burst point" is what.

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