How to change the site domain name to stabilize through the transition period

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Site revision for most of the webmaster, is a very headache, coincides with the author of the recent Web site revision and domain name replacement problem, I hereby share with you the experience.

Since the company recently registered a new domain name, the above urgent requirements of our domain name replacement work must be fast and stable, to ensure that the page included at the same time, but also to maintain the continuity of traffic, to avoid the loss of a lot of traffic, for this reason, we specialize in finding a group of so-called SEO experts research and research countermeasures.

Because we do Baidu, 360 and Sogou search engines such as the launch of the work, but also some of their slightly important customers, through the channel submitted to the relevant 618.html "> responsible, Hit good greetings, began to start our change domain name work, we will increase this cycle to one months, This on the one hand, Baidu for the domain name switching work, on the other hand, for the inclusion of the control can be maximized.

Here are some points to note about this domain name switch:

Here, first reveal the order of magnitude of our page, in about hundreds of thousands of, because our page not only need to do SEO aspects of the work, but also need to do bidding on the launch as well as the Alliance Channel, the League of all kinds of launch work, so in the domain name switch at the same time, we first to protect, is not the flow of SEO, But to ensure that other channels can be normal operation, so, when the development of the domain name after the handover work is completed, we have to do the first step is testing, all types of pages to carry out a comprehensive test work, especially for the next single process, it is necessary to do hundred and no sparse, For some do not switch to complete the page to be timely and research and development docking.

Having completed the testing process, we began to test the source of the order flow, through our own development of tracking software, we found that during the domain name switching, SEO flow and the flow of the bidding is in a significant decline, and this kind of low or uncontrollable, then, the remaining flow is really not there, At this time we found that the direct login of the flow in a straight up, we have to consider whether the SEO flow and the flow of the bidding to direct the flow of traffic, and finally proved that this is true.

Research and development There is the main use of the 301 jump, will all the old domain name weights and traffic all jump to the new domain name quotient, the completion of testing and tracking, and finally to the new domain name maintenance work, here is the main point of our work.

Familiar with Baidu Webmaster platform friends know that we can in the Baidu webmaster platform to find such a column, site configuration--site revision, here we will switch the rules of the domain name entered on it.


Maybe a lot of people know this step, but there are more important, but also many people are more likely to overlook the point is that if you want to quickly the new domain name in the URL included, it is necessary to add a step, web analytics-capture pressure feedback.


Here we can adjust the size of Baidu crawl pressure, our site as soon as possible, complete the handover of the domain name.

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