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I. Qualifications of advertisers

As we all know, when you apply for an advertiser's advertisement, others have to review the traffic, design, content, etc. of your website. Advertisers will have to see if our site can bring them more benefits, then why do not we learn about advertisers, choose advertisers to audit their qualifications, go to the major forums to see whether there are their classification section, in the major forums if there is, that the advertiser is trustworthy, Look at each search engine, this advertiser in the user's heart some evaluation.

Two. The unit price of the same advertising position

The same advertising, refers to what meaning, is the same size of the same type of advertising, such as: 486*60 image ads. This is very important, because we have to maximize the revenue of the site, we must see clearly, make a comparison, of course, the higher the better the choice. Sometimes, some advertisers in order to attract people, deliberately put the unit price higher, but they will be in one months or one weeks to varying degrees of deduction, such advertisers we'd better not choose.

Three. Advertising business evaluation of the transparency of

The transparency of the advertising business evaluation, refers to the user's income, the number of ads displayed and the number of clicks and other information. If you put in their ads, they will provide the membership number or user number to you, you can access the day, or the month, the number of clicks and revenue. Of course, can provide the best from time to time, because so we can test their own, to see the amount of their deduction, you click, their ad rating will be the corresponding increase.

Four. Advertising Fee Payment Terms

Now The advertiser's payment terms are generally executed at the same time. One is to pay the cycle, some one weeks to pay, some one months, of course, the shorter the payment cycle is better, preferably one weeks. Second, to achieve the corresponding amount of money, some 100 U.S. dollars, some 100 yuan, and at least have a full 10 yuan paid. This is based on their own website and payment cycle, it is best to pay each payment can have income, so we do site and update the site more confident.

Five. Good faith "> Advertise

The integrity of advertising is that we put ads do not click on their own, or cheat software to click, cheat advertising fees. You'd better not click on your own, or use the software to cheat, why say so, because once the advertiser found that you cheat will stop your user number, parked on your site to put any ads, stop paying for this cycle of advertising fees. You don't have to get lucky, as a good advertiser they have a lot of teams studying how to find out if ads on a website are cheating. In saying that a cheat software comes out in less than one weeks, basically all advertisers will have a corresponding coping mechanism. That is, a software can only be used for up to one weeks, then this week later, your site's advertising flow significantly down, as will think you are cheating.

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