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What is the basic element of a Web site? That is, what is the reason to call it a website? Webmaster Network triumphantly believe that the site's most basic elements have three: domain name, space/server and site content. These three elements are the necessary factors to make up a website and function normally. Therefore, we must correctly understand the importance of these three points, scientific and reasonable choice of domain name and space/server, and reasonable arrangement of the content of the site, to get out of the first step of success.

Domain。 Domain name is the external image of the site, good or bad directly affect the future development of the site, so a better domain name for the site is significant, how to choose a good domain name becomes the key. Webmaster to realize that the domain name not only represents a website name and network access address, more important is to recognize that the domain name is a site's external identity, just like the human "face", the trademark of the commodity, the domain name is a network trademark, is the website "face", it represents a website brand image, Is the core of Internet brand consciousness. Especially in the promotion of the role is decisive. When choosing a domain name must be considered in many ways, as far as possible to avoid the occurrence of replacement domain name.

Now the domain name resource is limited, the real good domain name already is very difficult to register, some even can obtain only through the high price sale. So it's not easy to find a good domain name for your website. I think the choice of domain name to follow the following principles.

Short. Domain names and keywords are different, long tail keywords can bring unexpected results to the site, but long domain name is a taboo, so select the domain name first to be as short as possible.

Second, easy to remember. Light short is not good, but also easy to remember, as far as possible to choose some pronunciation spelling is easier to do domain names, such as taobao,sina,163.

Third, to be easy to spell, if it is some complex words, may cause spelling mistakes.

Four, to have characteristics, not easily confused with other domain names. Now a lot of digital domain name, what 8848,3158, the domain name itself is very good, the value is very high, but very easy and similar domain name confusion, this small and medium-sized website should try to avoid.

To embody the website or enterprise name, trademarks, core services and so on. When you see Lenovo, will think of Lenovo, Taobao will think of Taobao, the choice of domain name must adhere to the relevant principles, reflect the name, trademarks, product services business philosophy.

Space/server selection. Now the main popular three kinds of construction station system: Virtual host, machine rental, server hosting. In the face of many IDC business and a variety of space services, in the choice of webmaster often will be very confused, dilemma. The author believes that in the webmaster must according to their own needs, consider the type and size of the site, choose the right to build the station system.

If you are just a novice webmaster, or the size of the site is very small. You can try to choose free space or request a virtual host service. Because the novice webmaster and small sites are often the most lack of funds, and free space and virtual host relatively low prices, more suitable for early development.

When your site takes shape and has plenty of money, you can consider choosing a server lease or hosting service. Compared to the virtual host, more complete stability, the function is also perfect. In the machine rental and custody between the choice, the whole machine rental in terms of cost and service have advantages, suitable for webmaster start stage, comprehensive cost-effective, scalability and selectivity is also very flexible. In short, whether the choice of server rental or hosting, according to their actual situation to weigh the pros and cons.

Finally, the site content planning. The content of the website roughly includes three aspects, text, picture, link. First of all must be clear about the location of the site, according to the location of the site reasonable arrangement site content. The website content plan must take the user experience as the center, especially the homepage layout is very important. Be sure to make it easy for users to visit your site to find what they need.

Also need to pay attention to the homepage of the navigation to remember not to do too cumbersome and complex, not the more detailed navigation, as long as the user can bring convenience. The content of the website should be updated in time, and promote the original article of high quality, the layout of the picture should be beautiful and generous, and take into account the browsing effect under all kinds of specifications, can not do too big, also cannot be too small. There is the layout of the link, each plate and the article must do a good job of hyperlinks, should be done in any one plate users can easily access the other sections and articles on the site. Friendship links to the principle of fine, not too much.

The above is the author summed up on the site three elements of a little understanding, in fact, each webmaster on the site elements of the understanding are different, have their own unique insights, hope that the majority of webmaster exchanges, and promote the common development of Webmaster circle. (Text/triumphantly)

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