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Often and SEO deal with people must know the importance of the content of the site.

But a lot of people have a problem with the question that the content of the site is not as easy to write. For example: Some enterprises have only one core product, the product itself is not too interesting, then what can write content to enrich the site?

In fact, most of the industry has a lot of topics to write, it is very unpopular, the layman feel the unintelligible products, can also develop a lot of content.

We randomly find a very unpopular word: Jet aerator. Google has a total of a hundred thousand of of the included, should be enough unpopular, but to use their brains, or can write a lot of relevant content.

Like what

Starting from product history and evolution

How did you invent this machine? What is the evolution from humble to complex? Who are the inventors and the betterment? What specific contributions do you have? How does it continue in the world and at home? How to introduce domestic or how to introduce abroad? What's the prize? If it happens that this machine was invented by your company, There's more to write about.

From the man who made the machine.

Who are the research and development teams? What are the backgrounds, experiences, and publications of these engineers? What are the academic achievements? Have you got a consultant from college or something? What are the production processes organized?

Starting from raw materials

What materials are needed for the production of machines? What kind of steel or what kind of iron? What other metals are these materials? What are the best parts? What are the suppliers?

Starting from the customer

What customers are using your machine? What kind of benefits did your machine bring them? How much did the customers do to make their profits grow? How do clients praise you or criticize you? The industry that these customers are in can also be introduced briefly.

Starting from the industry

Industry news, competitor Trends, there is no investigation agencies to your industry has done a rating survey and so on. Make a comparison between your product and competitor's product, certainly cannot lose objective. What is your product better than your competitors? International events, fairs, seminar content Records ...

Starting from product use

Product usage Introduction, usage tips, application areas, what can help customers do? How to maintain maintenance? How to troubleshoot? What are the alternatives?

Starting from Product technology

Introduction to the principle of the machine, performance indicators, statistics, including what innovative technology? What kind of lab equipment? What are the production processes? What are the international standards? How to prevent fake and inferior products?

Wait, wait.

As long as the idea of open, any product can write a lot of relevant content. Like "Jet aerator" this kind of very unpopular products, can write at least dozens of article. Then you have a big advantage in your competitors.

More knowledge, more competition, and more industry and products for other people will be able to write more content.

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