How to determine the daily number of foreign chains according to the heat of the keywords

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Believe that outside the chain of friends all know, there is no goal to do outside the chain tired, and very upset, especially in the case do not know how many foreign chains you want, so many owners friends or novice are asking After all, what is the appropriate amount of foreign chain daily, the answer is also a lot, but almost all do not say too much, have a degree or no limit, a lot more good, there is no more accurate information. Personally, I personally feel that people's energy is limited after all. It is impossible to endlessly invest in foreign chains. Too many foreign chains are too boring and boring, nor can they be done within a day or two. There are many other things that websites must do . So I think there are ways to do outside the chain, there must be a clear goal, there must be a suitable reference. I am here to provide a way for everyone, that is, according to the website of different keywords, to determine the number of foreign links, methods, goals. So how to judge by keywords how many foreign chains do?

1, the target keywords are more popular, generally less popular keyword competition is less, and your competitors are also estimated 2,3, not too much, this time how to decide how many outside the chain? In fact, very Simple, to competitors as a reference, early in the development of the site to see their situation outside the chain, where are made, how much hair, most of them every day to do the most chain outside the chain to do a few outside the chain, we are better than He did more or did the same amount as he does, so as long as the quality of the content of the website is not bad and there are no special problems in the website, the first page or even the first three in two months are generally available.

But to do the first, rely on these is not enough, do not write to write competitors outside the chain of the chain, but also the quality of the outer chain need to be higher, usually more in some forums with high weight blog, blog articles or Comments on the left signature, writing soft paper or publish your own website information in the Friends of the exchange platform, etc., the effect of these outer chain is very good, and beyond the competition, ranking first place is only a matter of time.

2, the target keywords high degree of competition, these words are generally more competitors, more competitive website how to say 7, 8, simply by the number of foreign chains is certainly not able to get a good ranking, Of course, there must be a certain amount, but the key lies in the quality of the foreign chain. A high quality foreign chain includes: relevance, extensiveness, weight, and stability. In other words, the weight of foreign websites is higher, as mentioned in the previous paragraph, more in the high-weight websites posting, leaving a message; the content of the external links and websites are higher, more in peer forums, blogs, Chain; send foreign chain way to be varied, to a wide range, such as: forums, blogs, soft articles, bookmarks, classified information, links, questions and answers, Youdao paste, all kinds of encyclopedia, Baidu library, Sina dictionary and so on outside the chain, choose some suitable for their website, the effect is good way to do; the foreign chain to be stable, those who delete posts do not go to the site , As well as the quality of the article should be high, or even included in the list will soon be deleted; the collection of these characteristics of the foreign chain is the high quality of the chain. For 3 or 4 months, the rankings are generally available on the homepage.

And to rank first, but also need to rely on some strategies and means, such as station groups, blog sprockets, through one-way circular link to 10 or even hundreds of groups or blogs focus on the main focus; single page Optimization; soft promotion, every week to write some soft text to promote, A5, SEOWHY soft copy and collection rate is particularly high, reprint obtained after the chain is particularly large, but the quality is not bad. Doing so may not immediately rank the site up, but for some time, the effect is obvious, especially the sprocket and soft paper, the longer the two do, the better.

3, the degree of competition is particularly high, such as abortion, prostatitis, SEO such words, the chain must have a strategy to rank, to the first or ranked on the home page, you must have your own things, be creative.

Just like the original "L-carnitine" sprocket to create a world; wolf rain with one-way friend to overwhelm SEOWHY; of course, the rain is cheating, to be in the above for 1, 2 days, we do not advocate doing so Just saying they want to have strategy and innovation like them. As for how to do these outside the chain, what strategy, I can not tell, if I will, I will not write a soft article here, as early as spicy hot drink.

To target the site to determine the implementation of the chain, with the goal, plan, do it will have the motivation to be able to complete the unlimited optimization with limited time and energy.

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