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Want to operate a website, first of all, the most important thing is to have a good space, the quality of the space determines a site the most fundamental lifeline, ask, with a very slow and very unstable space will also have who would like to come to your website? If your site is doing well, the rankings and traffic are great, This time suddenly came to a space instability, may be fatal to your site hit, then, we buy space should be how to choose a good space? This article will share with you how we buy space when we should choose a good space!

I. The visibility of the space business

We are in the purchase of space, the first thing to do is to query the space business visibility, word-of-mouth. A well-known, good reputation service providers will certainly not bad bar. Because the first brand awareness of the space business minimum after-sales service is very good. Now there are a lot of webmaster bought space after space business will ignore you, any questions you ask are ignored, and the space is also very rubbish, often not open or very slow, but also at any time to face the space business to pack up the risk of leaving, once the space trader ran away, not only our website data, And they'll waste a lot of money.

Therefore, it is necessary to entrust the website to a reputable space trader. I usually buy space when will go to Baidu to check how the space business, to ensure that the choice to a trustworthy space provider, such as China million nets, the West Digital, ADMIN5 hosts are some trustworthy space business, high spatial stability, good service, at least do not worry about the space Chamber of Commerce to run away.

Two, super large, super cheap space is not credible

There are a lot of novice webmaster often think that the greater the space to buy the better, feel that the smaller space is useless, afraid will not be enough, so buy space often go to pursue those oversized, and cheap space, so often have a lot of black-hearted liar space business use such psychology to get a site in the inside labeled a few g, unlimited flow, Not limited to IIS, subdirectories n can put n sites, and the price is super cheap, and so on to deceive the novice, you say the world will have such a good thing? For example, when I first started to do the site when I encountered such a thing, then entered a space to sell the site, surprised to find that the space is very cheap, Immediately spent 70 dollars in the inside selling a 5G a year of space, I thought I picked up a big bargain, the space opened after I bound the domain name ready to build a forum, the program uploaded to the space installation forum when found that the space is very slow, not as fast as those free space online, Finally after a long time to make the forum, space and suddenly can't open, so I went to ask the customer service asked the reason, asked most of the day, that customer service said not to say, but also to remove me from QQ, this time I realized that I was fooled, and after half a month, bought that space has been deleted, The site is not open, it is estimated that the pack to leave. So here to advise a novice, buy space this thing to remember "good goods not cheap, cheap not good goods" usually see those big and cheap space to ignore him, basically are the novice, or very busy, or liar space business.

Third, the test space access speed

The speed of space is critical to a website, if you use the space is very slow, not only will affect the ranking in search engines, but also directly affect the user's opinion of your site, buy space, nature to buy fast space, then, how do we know to buy the space quickly unhappy it, Let me simply tell you what I did when I bought space. Now buy space, basically most of the space business will support a 1-7-day probationary period, then we must first contact with the Space Business customer service can be tried, first of all, the simplest is to upload your website to space, to see how the speed of open, In general, if the opening speed of more than 6 seconds, then you can be sure that the space is very rubbish. Of course, can not use the speed of open to decide the quality of space, we also need to do the next test, next I usually use the ping command to test the speed of the Web site, ping command can be used to check whether the network is smooth or network connection speed, the use of the method is "click to start → run in the box to enter" CMD "Enter or click OK, and then type ping www." Your URL. com on it, remember the middle of the ping to have a space, the following is the site address, such as my test under the Admin5 access speed.


The figure above shows that the ADMIN5 webmaster Network ping Connection speed is the shortest 55MS, the longest is 58MS, we just look at the bottom of that line can be, respectively, the shortest time, the longest time and the average time, the shorter the connection time, the better, through these you can almost judge the speed of the site, in general , if the test speed is over 100MS, then this space is not a good space, of course, the above test is only the connection speed of the machine, depending on your local broadband speed, I usually directly use the Webmaster tools online to query, you can Baidu search under ping test webmaster tools online, You can know more about the speed of ping connections across the country.

Iv. further investigation of space merchants

After all the above analysis, we also need to further study, that is to investigate the space business, in order to let our after-sales service is guaranteed, we need to study the space business, I suggest that the inspection means: Before buying space, first to harass customer service, deliberately to ask the irrelevant questions, To test whether the customer service attitude is good, if asked n an irrelevant question customer service also can patiently answer your question, the attitude is also good, then you may consider, if the customer service can accept you to raise the various messy question, then can explain the customer service training accomplishment is very high, This also shows that the space business is really good, it is worth considering to buy. After all, a good after-sales service is to need customer service to help you solve the problem of space, this is the protection of after-sales service, can withstand harassment of customer service to ensure your future services. Of course, you can not be too much for no reason to tease customer service.

I personally feel that the purchase of space, even if you spend a little more money and do not buy those cheap space, must not blindly buy, after all, space this thing will affect your site's normal operation and ranking, buy those cheap space finally very easy to suffer, it is best to some brand awareness of the site to buy! Anyway, the space is basically cheap not good goods, this is their own to do some experience in the process! Finally, I hope everyone can make the website to do booming! This article by the net earns forum

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