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Abstract: Wen is a very detailed information on a mobile site, the last time Google released the ten principles of mobile website building site, this time Baidu also released a mobile site guide, illustrated how to improve the mobile station in Baidu quality The level of one hundred

Text is a very detailed information on a mobile site, the last time Google released a mobile website to build the ten principles, this time Baidu also released a mobile site guide, the illustrated description of how to improve the quality of the mobile station in Baidu level , In Baidu to promote the background has "mobile site quality" star rating system, page size, page content, page style, conversion channels and other factors will affect the quality of stars, loading speed, rich content page quality Higher stars, enhance the quality of mobile websites can enhance the user experience and conversion results.

A: How to do a good job of page design

(1), page fit phone screen

(2) page specifically for mobile phone screen design:

1, the page width changes with the screen, no horizontal scroll bar

2, do not zoom in, you can clearly browse the content, text size of not less than 12 pixels

3, do not enlarge, buttons, links and other easy to click, the button size can not be too large or too small

(3) Use up to three levels of page structure

Reduce the page level of the mobile station and reduce the user's cognitive difficulty. A standard mobile station should include three types of home page, list page and detail page to meet the promotion needs of advertisers and the cognitive needs of users; page type and level of recommendation No more than 3, to ensure a simple, efficient user experience. Use a shallow inter-page structure to reduce the number of user clicks and enhance the browsing experience.

1, Homepage: The whole site content index, content preview (using the "more" "Details" link), the home page as the user before the divertion of the page requires the ability to bring together the entire site most of the modules and functions to ensure different needs After landing the user can find the information they want. Content-based general home page can be divided into navigation and content, navigation because of its simple style, and generally can be used as brand promotion, play a role in the rapid transmission of brand image; content because of its rich content, commonly used to quickly convey Advertiser wants to pass the message.

(Mobile home page is divided into navigation and content)

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