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Everyone good, I am a person to see love, flowers see flowers Open yan Harvest, I believe there will be a lot of people think I (or scold me), today to share the dry goods is how to do the forum outside the chain, perhaps you will say: "Forum outside the chain?" Are we still teaching you? You can do it with your hands. But I would like to ask you, you go to the Forum every day to send out the chain, do the signature, ask your ranking up up? Do you really know how to send out a chain in a forum? Today's content may not be heard for some people, perhaps I do not say, you will not understand all your life, see below please prepare the antihypertensive drugs.

How do you do the outside of the forum chain

For many people, every day is to 28 push or push 18 and other forums to login to their account, then go to someone else's website or their own site to copy an article (some people will use software for false original), after the hair is waiting to be included on the line, and some companies even ask employees to publish dozens of or hundreds of articles on the forum every day outside the chain , but does the rankings really come up?

Network garbage makers and hard-pressed network workers

The harvest itself came from that time, deep understanding of "SEO outside the chain commissioner" every day to do what work, hair outside the chain, do false original, exchange friendship chain, this is what we do every day, but it is because of these actions caused the Internet on the thousands of spam information, so, In our efforts to usher in Baidu's "Big Earthquake", until now you do not understand? If you are in such a bitter push out of the chain and make a fuss, then you are thoroughly the net garbage maker and "network migrant workers."

Take the 28 push forum To do an example, let you really understand, your outside chain is how useless.

28 Push Webmaster Forum is our hair outside the chain often go to the place, including forums such as TUI18, its weight as high as 6, we go to the top of the chain every day, and 28 push the daily number of posts has been tens of thousands, according to common sense, 28 of the site should be included in the amount of a day will be a lot of growth, But the data below would have stunned everyone.


From the picture we can see that 28 of the collection is more than 830,000, but we go over to see 28 push these months of history, we found that the result is not what we think.


From the picture we can see that on June 4, the amount of the collection is 1 million, and June 12 when the amount is 800,000, that is to say, after these days, 28 of the amount of the collection is not increased, perhaps you will say 28 push now in the maintenance, included in the number of reduction is also very normal, that good, the next data prove that, What I said was right.


This is the data of the 28 push March, there are 1.5 million of the collection began, has been less, has been reduced, from March 16 to April 5, the number of collected has been stuck in about 800,000, then in accordance with the 28 push every message will be published in almost a few hours, since they are included, then this shows the number of why not change, Even at a certain stage will be reduced a lot, the lost pages are gone?

28 push each column to 1000 pages, and 1000 pages after the article where? I'll tell you, the DZ system hides it.


DZ system in the background has this function, of course, you can also change the background value from 1000 to 0, so there will be no restrictions, but if it does, it will lead to the forum due to the large amount of data has become very slow, which is why the article disappeared.

Article disappears on 11545.html "> What's the impact on US

28 Push and other forums daily posting volume is very high, if an ad column each day hair topic quantity is 1000, each page is 20, then this column produces every day page is 50 pages, 28 pushes the setting altogether is 1000 also, 1000 divides 50 is 20 days, That is to say your outside chain will disappear after 20 days, this disappears is Baidu Spider index not to, that this outside chain can be said to be useless.

What kind of outside chain is high quality chain

The outside chain we want to do is nothing more than three conditions:

One, the chain to send in the high weight of the website;

Second, the article should have relevance;

Third, the chain page to be long.

These three conditions are integral, if your outer chain is not permanent, that is to say you do 30 outside the chain every day, to 20 days after the 28 push on the deletion of your 20 outside the chain, that is to say you fill 20 every day, delete 20, the equivalent of your daily chain quantity and no growth, then your site where to rank?

Is that right? See here estimated that there will be a lot of people suddenly realized, mom, before the chain has done white, I am sure to tell you, really white did.

So how do we do the outside of the forum chain?

Want to do outside the chain on the forum, the individual feel cannot rely on quantity, but to rely on quality, we are even in the 28 push the site to write 10 high-quality articles, we will also get a good quality outside the chain, the top of their own every day to send these articles, so that they will not disappear, and every day will be ranked first, On the one hand these good articles will bring the support of other friends, on the other hand, with the passage of time, these pages will also have a high weight, this is the right to do the forum outside the chain of methods.

Written in the last

Some people say that SEO has become obsolete, in fact, I do not think so, I think SEO is now just the beginning, the past to fight the chain, the number of times has passed, we have to do a good job SEO industry must learn to reform. The internet does not need every day only to make garbage information of the network of migrant workers, he needs is that these SEO personnel can correctly lead the site normal operation on it.

Such a skill is just bucket, SEO industry There are a lot of need for us to learn, why a simple page than our page is also ugly, outside the chain is not our more, why their site is in front of us? Real SEO personnel look at the doorway, and the network of migrant workers is just watching the lively.

I do not know if this article is accepted, mouchangqing teacher will not come to beat me, anyway, I have been insured. I am a harvest of Yan, welcome you to my blog guest, together with the exchange of SEO technology.

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