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Guoping's SEO theory is that everything starts with the data, do scientific and controllable SEO, I think this concept has affected a lot of SEO friends, the author is one of them, but when it comes to the actual situation, we rarely analyze a large number of SEO data, such as Enterprise Station optimization, you may just feel and experience to do optimization, To evaluate a keyword how long it takes to get to the first page, but such a situation will make many SEO people do not have confidence in themselves, after all, relying on their own "feeling" very 6188.html "> not reliable, Enterprise station, although not larger than large sites, but want to do a good job of keyword ranking is not Because the industry involved is very much, the content alone is big enough, did 1-2 years of SEO peers, have ever felt that they still do not master SEO methods and processes. Gossip does not pull, want to talk about how to do business station SEO data analysis, can be summed up to three steps.

The first step: data collection and collation

We need to collect the collection of enterprise station, outside the chain, snapshots and other data, if an SEO company currently has 100 customer sites, so many sites need to do a good job of SEO monitoring, observation of the daily data changes, such as: Which station by K, which stations rank up and so on, of course, manual to check very unrealistic, It also wastes a lot of time. So we have to have a SEO tool or software to assist, before the author also tried to use the locomotive collector to collect the site domain data, site data, snapshot data, and so on, personal feeling effect is not bad. Now Baidu also launched its own webmaster outside the chain query tool, we have to do is to collect and organize the data, but need to develop some programs or software to assist the completion of the collection of data can generate graphs, so as to facilitate analysis, this is not a complicated program.

Step two: Data classification and statistics

Enterprise station involves all walks of life, so we'd better classify these sites, for example: all the machinery industry, the enterprise station data together, so as to facilitate the comparison of an industry's SEO data. Baidu algorithm can be analyzed specific to an industry impact, of course, such data to see the clue. Baidu algorithm countless, treat certain types, an industry has a gap. can also be counted every month in the year of the SEO data, such as the role of the last one months outside the chain and the past several months of the chain effect for comparison, of course, the quality of these external chain resources and quantity are not very different.

Step three: Data comparison and elimination

If you have a bunch of data in your hand, how do you analyze it? The most commonly used method is contrast, but the premise of contrast is to ensure that other factors are the same, for example: we want to compare the August K station because of content or other factors, this looks more difficult, because the site is K for many reasons, there are server problems, There are various reasons for using black Hat technology and so on. But we are responsible for the site itself clearest, can be eliminated by the elimination of the brush to pick out the impossible factors. Compare the most likely factors of k, such as the content of the site. Through the analysis of the SEO data can also see whether the recent normal Baidu, when many enterprise station of the SEO data are greatly changed, or even be down right, this situation can basically be determined for Baidu ventilation, do not panic, do a good job every day.

Summary: For the Enterprise station, we may as long as the outside chain can get a good ranking, but now really die, need better content, better user experience, we have to understand the current Baidu. Do SEO more to have planned, the analysis of the SEO data is particularly important, because this is the fundamental and foundation of SEO. I am the old boy SEO studio Liang Lei, Enterprise station SEO How to do data analysis, what do you think? Welcome to add me Q, with the Tianya seo people, meet why have met! This article by the Steel Plate Net ( original release reprint to keep the next address!

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