How to download and install iphone and ipad Apps

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All sorts of magical apps make the iphone different. If your iphone doesn't escape, then you can download apps from Apple's official App Store, so let's talk about downloading the iphone or ipad app. First you need to have an Apple ID, and if not, you can look at the Apple ID Registration tutorial. Using a computer to download apps on a computer or iphone or ipad app STORE can download apps, and we'll take computers for example, opening iTunes first, the left column, the Store--itunes STORE, and then seeing this gorgeous main interface, Apple calls it the software store, and what apps you want to choose is as handy as a supermarket buys. Of course, since the store will have fees, but rest assured that the App Store also has a large number of free software, enough to meet the general needs. On the home page of the App Store, there are a variety of recommendations and charts to see which apps everyone likes is a good idea. If you don't have what you want, enter the search in the upper-right corner. We first download Sina Weibo, any time microblogging, in the first search results can be seen, Apple ranked these search results by popularity. Notice that there are a few columns here: iphone Apps--the software is for the iphone, and the second is the ipad app, where the software is for ipad Tablet PCs. Downloading the appropriate version depending on your device is available. At present, there are many software is Iphone/ipad are applicable, after downloading both kinds of equipment can be installed.
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