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Recently, the international well-known Open-source database manufacturer MySQL China Research Center and Tianjin Mass Information Technology Co., Ltd. signed a strategic agreement, a large number of technology will be MySQL to maximize the localization in China, to seize the Chinese open source database market to provide a strong help. Because MySQL is a very useful open source database software, its own superior speed, scalability and reliability makes it an indispensable database products.

Since the MySQL database can be used on Linux, it becomes very easy to create a MySQL database using the Webmin graphical interface on Linux.

The first is about Webmin: In fact, Webmin is a web-based management tool for Linux that allows you to specify your browser on port 10000 and manage your Linux box. With it, you can manage Apache, Samba, MySQL, Postfix, FTP, PHP, and so on, just download the latest version from the Fpmfind site, and then install it. Run with the correct RPM command (as root) or install the correct set of commands from the resource (again with root): Then, after the application is installed, answer all occurrences of the query to ensure that your Web server is running correctly, and that the browser points to http://localhost : 10000 and in the installation configuration of the administrator name and password operation on it, once you log in to Webmin, you can start to add and edit your MySQL form. You can click on the Servers tab and click on the MySQL database server icon. If your MySQL database server is not running, you will see the Start MySQL server button. If you want to enter the MySQL database Server page, you must start the server, so click this button.

Then there's the problem with the overall configuration, and when you're on the page, you'll see a row of icons setting the overall permissions at the bottom of the MySQL Database Server page: User Permission, Database Permission, Host Permission, Table Permission, and Field Permission, each portal can be interpreted by itself. If you want to provide a user | database | host | The full license to the domain, you can select all the options in the list and save the settings by saving it, so the domain has permissions on the other items.

And finally, how to create a table. First, on the MySQL database server's homepage, click the Create New Database link. Here we create a database named Linuxusers using the initial table named editorial. If you do not want to use an initial form to create this database, you simply fill in the name of the database (required), select the None radio button next to the Nitial table, and then click Create. You'll see four graphs.

1. Graphic A: Unfortunately, the initial table created in your new database contains only four domains.

In this example, we will create an initial table. Name four domains in the table: UserName, Extension, Officenumber, and MachineName. Once you fill in the information and click Create, you will return to the MySQL database server's home page and see the icon for the newly created database.

2, Graphics B: Click on the linuxusers icon you will see the initial form of the icon editorial.

During the creation of the initial form, you should notice that you cannot define any entry as an initial health. By clicking on the editorial icon, you will see a list of the four portals we created in the table (graph C).

3, Graphics C: If you see all the Allow Nulls the entrance is yes, then you have not set any initial health. Let's set the username to the initial health, so in general, this field always has a portal. Click the username entry in the field name bar to enter the field Parameters page.

4, Graphics D: If a particular domain uses a public portal, you need to give it a default value.

For Allow nulls, select Yes for part of Primary key. You can also give the initial health a default value. We don't want to username a default value for the domain, but we can do that as well. After these two values change, click Save and go back to the Edit Table page and you will see no in the Allow Nulls column and see Primary in the main column (Figure C).

In the final step, the table to be created is a copy of the editorial named WebDev. On the main page of the MySQL database server, click the database you want to edit, and the edit DB interface appears. Click the Create New Table button. In the Table Name column, fill in the WebDev, select Linuxuserseditorial in the Copy Fields from table list, click Create. You will go back to the edit database interface and see the new DB table.

At present, more and more websites use MySQL and other high-end database server as the carrier of Web site data, while the use of these database systems, the requirements of the technical staff is also relatively high, backup data is no longer like backup access and other file-type database as long as a simple download can be, Users must go to execute some database system commands or through Enterprise Manager to complete, for this, linkage World ( technology developers for MySQL common database engine developed a database free backup system, users can easily click the mouse to complete the database backup, packaging, and prompts the download, lets the user download the database backup file to the local preservation, simultaneously our database system also automatically backs up daily, guarantees the data security.

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