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Foreword: It can be said that now SEO optimization is now the most cost-effective network marketing methods, is also the hottest one of the most popular methods, may say that SEO many enterprises optimization commissioner, or the boss will feel that SEO is very simple, is hair outside the chain, hair articles, and nothing. Baidu can be updated since now, SEO really like this? or into the SEO error, is to rank, in order to obtain IP traffic.

A clear goal of SEO optimization

SEO optimization rankings, not just for the keyword ranking, or to get traffic it? Some sites in order to cater to the search engine's collection of fake original, articles and content is not what users want to see, also can not provide value for users. Even if a user came to click to view, the first feeling is that this site is deceptive, spam content site. Then we are tired to optimize the keyword has ranked what is the use?

In doing SEO optimization is the goal of ranking through keywords and then bring accurate flow of business for the enterprise to produce the actual sales. Product efficiency is the enterprise sales of products, or services.

Ii. steps to achieving the goal

Since selling is the goal of our reality, we need to go through a number of steps to achieve our goals:

Identify keywords-keyword rankings-bring accurate traffic-achieve sales

1, to determine the key words

First identify the key words, must be the user search the word, on behalf of the user's intention of the keyword most representative of the user purchase intention of the core keywords, which requires us to determine what the user will search the search engine what keyword, is the most representative users have the intention to purchase, on the site in the key to optimize a few keywords, Try to get a good ranking.

2, keyword ranking

We can optimize the adjustment through SEO to get the ranking of key words, use a variety of technical optimization means, write a good title, write a description, update a large number of related content, in the content of the chain, keyword layout in the site, the exchange of high-weight links, in some forums to send some outside the chain through the forum signature, soft text, Classification information, such as the addition of the chain to optimize the keyword to the front, get a good ranking, when the user input keyword search will be organic into the click.

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3, bring accurate flow

When the site gets a certain ranking, the title and description on the Search home page, you can attract users to click, bring accurate traffic, the impact of the user is clicked on the title and description, the user will be in this analysis is not from the site you want to find or content, to click. So the description of the title is an important factor affecting user clicks. Site description is a section of the introduction of the site, attention must not appear in the stack of keywords.

4, to achieve sales

When the user enters the website, the website must design well, wants the user experience to be good, the customer service attitude is good, in order to impress the user, thus lets the user purchase, realizes the sale.

Third, the enterprise to carry out SEO optimization steps

1, choose the key words

The homepage of the Enterprise website optimizes at least 3-5 core keywords for example: Shenzhen network marketing, Shenzhen Network marketing company, Shenzhen Network Marketing promotion, Shenzhen Network Marketing which home good these words are the most users search the word, Representative focus on behalf of users to buy words, in Shenzhen to find Network marketing company users can search such words, Also can represent the user to have this aspect demand.

Select key Keywords Note:

A, the key words must represent the user explicit purchase intention

B, keyword must have a certain amount of search

Users often search through the Baidu Index can be viewed

C, and its own products, business-related keywords

2, the key words reasonable layout in the website

Keyword layout refers to the optimization of the keywords after the reasonable distribution in the site, and the keyword to achieve a certain density, when users search keywords, search engine will analyze the content of the site, to find the most recent customs recommendations to the user.

Keyword layout in the site title, footer, description, navigation, plate, export links, within the chain, article, article title, etc., Baidu see your site This word appears many times, will think that your site content and the word related, will make your site ranking more forward. So do SEO is not the first step out of the chain, but the keyword reasonable layout in the site, enhance the content of the site and keyword relevance, this step is done, the next SEO will be twice the effort. If this step does not do well, even if you later the chain hair again good, the effect will not be very good.

Key words should be properly laid out, not stacked. Keyword density control in 2%-8% keyword density query tool:

3, update the relevance of the article

Updated related articles, to enhance the weight of the site is very helpful, good original article can top 10, 20 or even more false original article to do a corporate website must do a company news channel, through this one channel update content, Baidu like to constantly update the content of the site, otherwise your ranking will fall, or even no rankings. No company's website, there is no flow of the entrance, network marketing, network promotion is to bring traffic, only the conversion rate. Corporate web site is a company's façade, there is a façade of this platform to do network marketing, open a blog is only an auxiliary, can not replace the corporate web site. False original article more, there may be Baidu down the risk of power.

4, for the site estimates outside the chain

A, links are the most important outside the chain

Corporate web site to do good links, is the best way to optimize the enterprise is the most important outside the chain, a good link will be more than you send thousands of forums outside the chain of effect to be strong. Baidu out of the green Luo algorithm, focused on combating the purchase of links, to find formal "content-related" site "PR value to High" exchange links.

B, anchor text and URL link reasonable match

Outside the chain is very many, forum "post, signature" Outside the chain, the blog outside the chain "update Bowen can send out chain", send press release "manuscript with Outside Chain". Web site to do more outside the chain, ranking the better, outside the chain is a very important way to promote the rankings.

Summary: Enterprises in the development of SEO optimization, to tomorrow's goal, according to the appropriate methods and procedures, so as to achieve less detours to achieve results, the development of SEO is not just a simple hair outside the chain, update the article.

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