How to find a breakthrough in comparison to achieve the effect of website promotion?

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First of all I want to say is that there is no shortcut to the website promotion, any good SEO personnel and his diligence is inseparable. We should do a good job of comparing the same industry site, from the comparison to find a breakthrough. We need to do a good job in the structure of the site affinity, the link within the reasonable concentration and decentralization, to do the update of high-quality original articles. The rest is the chain, we should be to the breadth, deep dig can reach the popularization of the effect.

1, carefully write the title of the website

The title of the website is like the façade of your reality, let people know what you are doing at the first sight, such as: * * Hotel, * * hotel, **KTV, etc. A title that can embody the main content of a website and be suitable for public search needs careful choice.

2, careful choice of key words

Of course, the most obvious is the keyword promotion of Baidu, in fact, people know that SEO even if you go to Baidu promotion is also the choice of keywords to do. One of the results we ask for is that there is a high rate of conversion in terms of the amount of traffic that comes with it. Or you spend a lot of money, but there is no conversion rate, such as: You are selling red beans warm underwear, you can choose warm underwear, red beans warm underwear, but to do Baidu promotion I see or do red beans warm underwear better (if you are rich can do it), so conversion rate will be very high. So we have to choose the keyword carefully.

3, must give the website to do the description

Description of the site is like the recruitment of recruitment brochures, the content of your site detailed description of the details, you can also use SEO means to carry out the keyword conscious superposition, but remember that the general keywords overlap not more than 3, consistent and no more than 150 words words.

4, station optimization

A, we all know that the URL optimization, in fact, this is the beginning of the construction of the site should be taken into account, the URL test a foreground art technology. When to choose what CSS style, that page should have a clear identification of the URL to repeat. Second navigation and anchor text to establish a clear purpose, weight concentration, search engine is also artificial set, but also has his humanistic side.

b, the original content and false original (false original has three taboo: 1, the statement does not pass. 2, there is no obvious theme. 3, pseudo original to at least 70% original or pseudo original content to have the keyword bold and part of the anchor text of the page. The site's update is best to have a regular, and the number remains stable. Don't be so bad today and tomorrow.

5, outside the chain

New station to blog, forum, related video and other SNS website to do the promotion of the breadth of the site, this promotion is characterized by: traffic is very large, but low conversion rate. Considering the conversion rate, we think again and again, feel to the industry website to promote, to do in-depth promotion. This kind of promotion flow is slightly smaller but the flow purpose is single-minded, so the conversion rate is quite high. On the depth of the question, I have a few suggestions: A, industry websites, free and spend money to promote, do what they can. b, the establishment of industry QQ group, for example, we are the medical industry, we invite some experts to join the group, and then someone to consult the disease when he recommended our medical institutions, this conversion rate is almost 100%.

Enterprises with the strength can cooperate with the media, news media, television media, authoritative publications and so on. Authoritative video can be put to Youku and other popular network film and television media.

In fact, SEO is currently doing is a publicity and user experience. Propaganda in place, the user experience is relatively smooth. So that you realize the value of SEO. Are all these things ready? When you are ready, make haste. Remember that you need to stick to it.

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