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Some people say that the film station is now more, is the individual will do, but really it? Why someone new station 1 months IP can on thousands of, and some people 1 years also hundreds of IP? This is the gap, some people say that the collection of the station is rubbish so no flow, some people say that their own server access slow, so less traffic, really is this?

The current film and film Station I divide it into two categories, one kind is the pure Hotlinking movie station, must guarantee every day to have the massive effective movie connection update; the second class is to use their own server in the provision of movie viewing services of the site, such a site requires a higher technical content of capital investment, especially bandwidth, The bandwidth will become the bottleneck of the website development after the traffic is big.

1, Pure hotlinking Movie Station construction: This kind of site has nothing to say, almost no technical content, to do is also very simple, first to rent a virtual host to go down a film program can open dry, the advantage is that there is no input so the threshold is very low, the disadvantage is that the movie link failure fast, It takes a lot of effort to update the movie every day, try not to update it for a few days, and see how many people are left on your stand?

2, have their own server movie station construction: first have to have a preliminary preparation, is to prepare the server, bandwidth and film programs. The most lethal thing in the server is the hard drive, this thing is sloppy, I have a few to do free movie station friends at first is to use the large capacity of the IDE hard disk, is the figure cheap, not too long hard drive is read bad, the result lost a lot of film resources, and then came to me a runny nose a tear cry ( I actually wanted to put some resources on him, know my heart is good), so don't go to save hard money, do video server must use SATA hard disk, here I recommend 4 250G SATA class do RAID5, so regardless of space and read speed are very enough. You can buy a SCSI hard drive if you're rich, but 1T is tens of thousands of, and it's not recommended for your fledgling movie site. Bandwidth is best to use 100M exclusive, we calculate the account, 100M exclusive actual traffic is 10M (the highest 10M generally have 8, 9M is good), a movie user at least read 50~70kb per second to smooth viewing, So your 100M exclusive bandwidth can support up to 170 people at the same time to watch, want you to use 10M alone or 100M share, can support a few people at the same time online? I have several friends who work in a network company, they use the company's servers to do, save the server and bandwidth of money, But it's frost. The website procedure question is simple, casually in the on-line DOWM one, n many.

In the free movie station whether asks the user to register this question, I and some makes the free movie station's friend also to argue for a long time, appears will be an eternal topic. My point is not to ask users to register, first of all, I think even if the actual meaning of the user registration is not large, in addition to let you know how many people registered outside, what can be used? Since it's a free movie station, what's the best thing to do? So this is not a selfish function should be removed, that is, the point is to see how good-convenient! Also can add some such as "Netizen asks the piece" "The Message" "The Forum" and so on function, this can play to retain the visitor and enhances the interaction function. The design of the movie website must strive to be concise and clear, the picture does not have too many, do not go to pursue some pay movie website's that kind of fancy, the user sees for a long time will the eye fatigue, for instance I just then new movie station (belongs to a collection) That will show your site is very messy, user access can not find north.

Now is the promotion of the promotion of film sites can be from the following aspects:

1, landing search engine, this action is essential, especially Baidu, this guy every day to bring me thousands of IP, my station is now every day 30% of the traffic is Baidu over, other search engines accounted for about 10%.

2, Friendship Connection, find some traffic is also good friends site the most friendship link, can also do the reciprocal push, is a benefit of everyone's method.

3, the Exchange chain now many admin5 im286 Chinaz and leleso Qqgou = = Such movie search engines are 2-3 times the return on traffic.

4, forum post, some netizens helped me in some forums posted posts, every day can also come to a good hundreds of people.

5, Advertising 05 06 years as long as you have the IP station to earn money, then mainly by SMS, let me earn the first bucket of gold. Almost from the day 6, 700 fell to the present 200, this gap does make oneself chilling a while, the picture Bell is getting worse, GG unit Price is also getting lower

6, this said not to say also estimated not necessary, the original know can send a connection is now sent a connection to delete one. A few days ago the connection was deleted by them together.

Recently adjusted the thinking, income obviously improved, and increase their own profit model is the right way, relying on the alliance after all the initiative is not in their own hands, at any time at risk.

Cheaters put the advertising road blocked, as long as one ask me, can not say a few words is how to cheat, I do not buy lottery tickets, also do not believe that the pie in the sky, not often said: out of the mix, sooner or later, cheating the same, adhere to their beliefs, see the CCTV's Huizhou merchants, is to rely on a good faith to do strong, Don't look at a few cheat swagger under the flustered, that kind of person will never become the atmosphere.

After deep thinking, I found that there is a clear misunderstanding of the forum. The traffic is too heavy, the forum is popular, the core cohesion, this is the general Web site can not be compared to have a higher degree of trust will be able to generate more profit model, some people can rely on word of mouth, rather than every day to worry about AD, Baidu K station. Nonsense so much, want to say is to continue the garbage station, pull high flow is not necessarily wise, do boutique, popular is the trend, focus on doing a entertainment for people to serve the site is definitely an exciting thing, of course, the income is needless to say, as long as a little use, stable high income in reason. Have asked how to advertise, I can only say that rely on the alliance basically really no, earn a little money also line, want to rely on this economic fundamentals or not easy, of course, Ggad or recommended to do, as long as not cheating, income is good.

Don't mention how much advertising, how long can you keep it like this every month? I have one months 2W of pure profit, keep, the policy changes, immediately off, so have their own profit model is really too crucial, so the initiative in the hands, who are not afraid, unless you make illegal to shut, it is their own things to find, not to blame.

Now, I'm going to talk about Peer-to-peer technology, some friends stand is not open up is everywhere to find a peer-to-peer player, in fact, the flow is not the case is not necessary to use Peer-to-peer, but also have side effects, so the initial stage of the site you should still be the main focus on the construction and promotion of the site above, When the bandwidth becomes the bottleneck of the site, then consider using it.

Peer-to-peer players are generally divided into two types, one is the memory operation is a hard disk operation. Memory operation means that users need to see a movie at the time to be useful, is the use of memory to exchange data, in fact, this mode can only be used for video live, but for free movie on-demand mode is almost useless. Therefore, the use of memory-operated Peer-to-peer software to do some of the movie on demand is self-deception, so do not listen to what does not hurt the hard drive words ~ ~ ~ Ha! Hard disk operation of the Peer-to-peer player is the user after watching a movie automatically saved to the user's hard disk as a seed, while looking at the side, users want to download the collection is also convenient, This mode of film resources can form countless points, and BT the largest can reach several m, thus fundamentally solve the bandwidth problem, do not worry about temporary files will occupy your C disk, the general hard disk operation Peer-to-peer Software will automatically find the largest disk to store space, Users can also click on the player to clean up temporary files for these movies. So can solve the root cause of bandwidth or hard disk operation Peer-to-peer playback software.

IP not as long as fine, 3W garbage IP look cool, waste server resources, bandwidth, consumption is their own money.

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