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A website may have a few key keywords of no more than five, these five main keyword rankings may also be uneven, one to two will be very stable, others may be more volatile, because each webmaster's focus is different, a common enterprise station can not guarantee the ranking of multiple main keywords, of course, this is not certain, At least most of the webmaster's kungfu has not been so well, while taking into account so many main keywords. Speaking of this may be puzzled, some webmaster will say, I do so many keywords do what? Do two, as long as the rankings on the end of everything, in fact, we do SEO what is the ultimate purpose? The volume of the external chain?.... are not, our ultimate goal is to sell, is the customer conversion rate, this is the SEO should be considered, not just for optimization and optimization, seemingly competitive main keyword, the search volume is very little what do you do? Is it a little superfluous? That's right! Sometimes our webmaster is so blind, See a more attractive word to take over to do, also do not analyze the specific search volume, competition degree, conversion rate, these are not evaluated, which even if done up, the effect will not be the best.

Speaking of this, stationmaster may say again, since the main keyword is not important what is important? I say the most efficient is in the determination of one to two home key keywords ranking, do the site's internal page ranking, for around the main keyword many long tail keyword, we distribute to the site on the page, if allowed, It is necessary to find someone who is responsible for the search for a huge number of long tail words within the page optimization, generally like around the "early childhood" this main keyword choice long tail words to thousands of it! And if you choose the first page, it is certainly not, so the page ranking is particularly important.

How to get good inside page rank? First of all to ensure that the site's homepage weight, because the site weight is from the homepage to the internal page of the decline if the first page more than PR5, according to the directory will gradually a PR, of course, this is not very accurate, if you do within the optimization of the page may PR will be close to the home In this way, it is much easier to do the inside page ranking, and many long tail words can be fused in the high quality inner pages, get ranked, and then get a part of the flow, seemingly small, but you think you have 100, 1000 pages each long tail Word can bring 20 traffic, which is not the number of home page can bring effect.

The other is to do a special topic, to do some of the more competitive long tail, the topic is based on the home page can choose a separate directory to do, you can choose the level two domain name to do, what is the topic? The topic is that the white is a small site, or a list of articles, the so-called topic is n the collection of content, In the topic there are hyperlinks, there are headings, of course, this topic is around to do the long tail word to build, all the content is around this long tail word to build, inside the page optimization also needs to do outside the chain, do the friend chain, do content and do the homepage is similar, just may in the time to do than the home page trouble more.

You should pay attention to the construction of the content when you do the inside page ranking each of the contents of the other long tail words, or keywords, should be added anchor text linked to the text of the detailed content module, such a site within the chain to get a good embodiment of the network optimization is from the inside Out, When our website itself is unimpeded to obtain better evaluation, that is, the ranking, when the site outside the optimization, point to the quality of the link when the weight of the site will naturally rise to a height, the page ranking naturally easy to get, flow is also a matter of course, the key words of the service surface is wide, Whether it is the intention to buy products or to understand the intent of the product, we can all let him through more words, more pages into our site this will bring a higher conversion rate, the final completion of our requirements of the Network marketing (network marketing methods There are many ways, here is the SEO aspect).

So the inner page ranking, the long tail ranking is a site to pay attention to, especially the site in the main keyword after the later!

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