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With the development of the Internet, the overall quality of the site has been the importance of the webmaster, a part of the webmaster in the optimization of the site at the same time also strongly request to improve the overall quality of their site. At present, 51 holiday is coming, a lot of local tourism sites are beginning to deploy, and then through the means of SEO to optimize their website, but with the increase in competition, many sites due to the overall quality of the problem can not stand out, which also makes some webmasters more and more value the overall quality of local tourism sites.

For local tourism sites, want to optimize their site and get a lot of traffic, however, the single, this and the overall quality of the site is out of the relationship, as long as the overall quality of local tourism site improved, in order to get the best results. The author in this period of time has been in the operation of Guizhou tourism site optimization, and very much value the overall quality of the site, in the process of analysis found that a lot of travel site owners are required to improve the overall quality of their site. The following author talk about how to improve the overall quality of local tourism websites.

First, improve the content of the site original degree

Believe that a lot of webmasters are more concerned about the original content of the site, the original content can not only bring the user experience to the site, but also let the site by the search engine of the favor, so the original content, high-quality content is the site must have. In this year's Baidu Webmaster conference there is a saying is that "content for the emperor, outside the chain for the King", so the content of the site to the original degree of high priority.

The author thinks that the local tourism website only has the high quality content to bring the best experience to the user, how to do the high quality content? This is one thing that stationmaster pays attention to. For example: First of all in the content of this piece can be specially recruited site editors to write content, the content of the best is an illustrated way to write, can be within the major tourist attractions, travel guide, travel routes, such as pictures and text written out, and accurate digital data written out, This brings the user to the beginning of the site and sees what helps them.

Second, improve the user's interactive degree

User interaction is the author of a more important, can be socialized and local tourism site combination, and then through the introduction of social traffic to allow users to come to your site, such practices can greatly improve the interaction of some users, through this way is to kill two birds, then how to improve the user's interaction degree? I suggest that you use Baidu share or other types of sharing plug-ins.

For example: The author in Baidu for their own generation of a Baidu share plug-ins, and then embed the code into each page of Guizhou Tourism Web site, each time in the release of content can be shared by Baidu, to share to the third party platforms, so that users can be viewed to your site, currently 51 holiday is coming soon, A lot of people want to travel, including the author is also, if you see a person to share the tour of the line, Raiders, attractions, you will not be tempted to click?

Third, improve the strength of external links

Improve the strength of the external link is to do the optimization of every webmaster are very important to optimize the work, local tourism sites and other types of Web sites are the same, need to improve the strength of the chain, so want to improve the overall quality of the site at the same time also to improve the strength of the chain, so that those high-quality outside the chain stronger than the number of low quality outside the chain.

For example: The author in the local tourism site outside the chain, first of all, I will choose three channels, the first is to do the blog BBS outside the chain, the second is to do the news source outside the chain, the third is to do the outside chain, but I suggest here is no matter which kind of chain are required to be natural outside the chain, do not ask for quantity more do not require the speed of the chain. Someone may ask what is the nature of the chain? The natural chain refers to others to help you do outside the chain, like A5 webmaster Web postings, others help you a large number of reprint, and then through such a way to improve the strength of the chain.

Iv. for the website to plan for slimming

Site Slimming plan, as the name implies is the site should not have all the things removed, the majority of local tourism sites have some low quality outside the chain, seriously affecting the rankings, site weight, site quality, so I think the low quality of the chain directly refused to include, It is recommended to use Baidu stand on the platform to reject the chain tool to implement slimming.

For example: local tourism sites or other sites webmaster can go to Baidu Webmaster Platform registration, and then enter the belt with the platform through the chain query tool to find out what is outside the chain of junk, determined after the chain through the rejection tool will be low quality of the chain refused to leave only high-quality outside the chain can be, Therefore, it is necessary to plan for slimming the website.

The above is the Guizhou Tourism Network original, through the above four can be local tourism site overall quality improvement, I think this is essential for local tourism site optimization, only improve the quality of the site in the local tourism industry outstanding, At the same time, other types of Web sites can also improve the quality of the site in this way.

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