How to improve the sharing rate of soft text in social networking sites

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Some time ago in the school to see a share of 100,000, read the number reached hundreds of thousands of Taobao guest posts. And it's still being shared ... I'm thinking about how much sharing and reading can make this friend earn money out of Taobao. Just wrote a soft article in their own space ... Hundreds of thousands of browsing the amount of promotional work by netizens to complete .... And a lot of friends collection for long-term use .... A small log can count money at home for a long time. This huge rate of return makes me very envious so I carefully studied for a long time finally summed up the method and got a good effect.

1, to the pure advertising organization into a valuable article, do not take their own site to share directly .... In this way, netizens will not dislike you. For example: My Activity website-yi Le hui i have been the best of the most recent activities organized into a "standard" relatively long article published in the Journal.

2, at any time do not casually find a piece of their own think good articles to share this is not only not good or bad. Because when the Netizen browses your article when has a related article column, if your related article also has the very good words, this will greatly improve your other article sharing times.

3, choose what kind of article ... I haven't figured this out for a long time. Although types can easily be divided into 1 emotional topics 2 useful information for Students 3 Health class Ah, and so on ... But the same type of article has some high sharing rates and some low death ... But this will not affect our sharing. I directly copied other users sharing high share of the article to share such a high rate of increase.

4, add your site link words do not add in the end this will cause some netizens disgust because the advertising effect is too obvious the best to skillfully combined with the article.

Because of their own strength is also limited so summed up this content so that everyone laughed at, I hope that the idea of personal ideas can lead to everyone's ideas to help, but also hope to discuss mutual progress with everyone personal qq:106228065

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