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' Hype ' for a long time to explore the network webmaster is not unfamiliar, most netizens are more sensitive to speculation. One thing, a person, a song through the net name of the abuse or pursuit can be quickly popular in the network. The shirt set holds that on the Web this platform, a wide variety of information is maximized in every corner of the world, directly facing global netizens. This is the power of speculation, whether netizens are abusive or sought after, the purpose of speculation has been reached, that is to let more people know this matter, this person or a commodity, this is more than spending a lot of money to do advertising more strong, so there is now the so-called behind-the-scenes hype planning team. But for the webmaster we do not have the abundant funds and no professional behind-the-scenes hype planning team, then how do we learn to hype. Hype their own websites, hype their own merchandise.

1. Hype to start from their own

2. Hype is ' no face '

3. Speculation to seize the curiosity of netizens

Carefully think about the next few years in the network after the people, without exception are from their own hands, first from their own hands will not infringe on others, speculation did not respond to the loss. So it's the cheapest to start with yourself. But you have to be ruthless enough to be creative, or stir fry. As for how to ruthless how a creative, I think this is the need to play the webmaster own talent. Hype is not a face, this sounds not reliable, but the fact is so, if you want to take into account the feelings of netizens and affordability, the hype will inevitably get no response. Smart hype is to let the net name on both sides, so that the interactive exchange between netizens, so that the information can be maximized to spread to any corner of the network effect. ' Beast door ' seems like a shameless hype, in a ' no face ' way to be known, the hype is successful, ' Beast Gate ' heroine still attend the auto show, seemingly appearance price also improved, we all know her, commercial value increased. She's just doing what women all over the world can do. Hype is going to catch the curiosity of netizens, this is necessary. Netizens because of curiosity will pay attention to, will generate flow, how to seize the curiosity of netizens, can not use their own curiosity to plan research, must through other successful cases of speculation to analyze the psychology of netizens, so that netizens love and hate is the highest level of speculation.

The basic Facts about hype

1. For China's internet, not hype is relative, speculation is absolute.

2. A successful hype is bound to bring unlimited business benefits and value

3. Go your own way, let others say go! But have to let others say.

The basic principle of hype

1. Positive hype is better than negative hype.

2. Negative hype is better than no hype.

3. No hype than hype no response better

These hype is not necessarily suitable for all webmaster, but you can combine their own conditions to learn from these hype skills. Hope to be able to bring help to the webmaster. My ability is limited, the shirt set wants to discuss with each stationmaster together the secret of network marketing.

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