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My name: Trinidad Lone Wolf, hereinafter referred to as Wolves, I hope not to cause confusion to you reader oh.

Review Wolf learning PHP experience, filled with emotion. I was in 2004 began to contact the PHP, at that time because of Tangshan could not buy a PHP book, so please Beijing's friends, spent more than 70 yuan to buy a PHP book, was very excited after the hand, holding a look for a few days, but ashamed that there is no urgent learning needs, so just look at half, Probably more than 200 pages, the basic parts have been read, see the back of the actual combat section, it did not continue. And then kept for nearly six months, that time the wolf just contact the field of network outsourcing, received a small PHP project, at that time, I think a bit of PHP based on the courage to take down, just started to do, encountered a lot of difficulties, after all, learning grammar and actually do things when there are great differences, Many clearly feel that the right thing, is not run up, frequent mistakes, then holding the book, relying on Baidu, Google, 3 days of time, to do it out. At that time feel a unique sense of achievement, but also very emotional, without this demand, learn no motivation, just stay at the level of watching, only the real need to do things, will be eager to understand the actual development details.

So, the wolf here put forward the most important point, everybody this time to think about, why do you want to learn PHP? Is it for personal interest, or for survival needs? There are only 2 of them, nothing else.

Since then, the wolf officially stepped into the field of PHP network outsourcing, that is October 2004, the Wolf remembers very clearly, because that day is the national day, I used 3 days, self-proclaimed for closed development, haha.

After a few years, the wolf has been on the network part-time to do outsourcing, the main direction is PHP, was very popular in PHP, some of the construction of the program, I was the principle is to use the open source, not open source. So at that time contacted the Dedecms, at that time was 3.0. Then contacted the Discuz,ecshop and other excellent open source program. At that time the main development direction is the development of PHP whole station, and the above several open source program two times development. During the period of contact with several development frameworks, such as: Fleaphp,thinkphp,ci,zendframework and other excellent development framework, but also done several projects.

This lasted a few years, until 2007, a person's appearance, the promotion of my PHP technology, has a very big help. Let me really enter the field of PHP, rather than stay in the small area of their own research. I have always thanked him and respected him. He is Chunhui, yes, is the mobile phone home and Ecshop Chunhui.

I think it's very interesting to talk about our acquaintance process. Two times to do Ecshop development, in the process of doing, found a few bugs, are not big, so the gtalk contact with the old high, he very seriously listened to my opinion, let me very excited, after all, this is the first time so close to a network of cattle people. Later, after a period of time, the old Gao asked me if I want to go to Beijing to do the development, let me go to see, because Tangshan is not far from Beijing, high guest also 2 hours, so I killed the past on the 2nd day, saw the old high and the sea, chatting together, lunch together to eat dinner, the afternoon to do a set of questions, and then I said go home to consider, Because have married and have children, consider more. After going home, after a few days of consideration, I and old Gao discussed a kind of part-time working mode, is usually at home work, one weeks to the Beijing company, and everyone work together one day, handover a job. So I started working this way. This lasted until the 2008 Olympic Games, and I resigned for personal reasons. During this period of time in Beijing, I met a lot of good colleagues, the old high, the sea, manifesto, ahead, old Liu and so on, gave me a lot of help, let me on the road in PHP has a very big progress, with a qualitative change, let me into a new field. Here I would like to say a word to you, thank you for bringing me great help.

Later, has been doing their own, mainly to do the network outsourcing and other work.

The above is all my experience of learning PHP, experience is very simple, I can use 5 to summarize my PHP learning experience:

1. Start with interest, contact PHP, stay in the early stages of grammar

2. After orders, forced me to the actual development of PHP, take me into the actual development phase.

3. Actively study some open source excellent procedures, so that I can expo the director of the home, let their own technology to a higher level

4. Beijing and the old Gao together to do the project, take me into a deeper level, contact more things that have not been touched.

5. Self-cultivation, take the initiative to learn some excellent ideas, improve their own shortcomings.

The above 5 stages, is my complete study php curve, writes out, hoped can give everybody some reference.

Again, learn PHP, not only interested, but also have a long-term study of the spirit, and to take the initiative to find some real development opportunities for themselves to quickly enter this field, and then find a good environment, you can make their vision broader.

In addition, to warn you, resist temptation, asp/php/jsp/. NET contrast may let you at a loss, you may learn half of PHP, and began to play the idea of C #, or someone said Java is very strong, this time you absolutely can not shake, even if you really want to learn, you have to learn PHP. Then learn, inconstant is the most undesirable, bear snapping corn is this truth, if you often give up halfway, can only be nothing, but also wasted more than n time and experience, the most important thing is that you will be looked down upon, no one will like to make friends with the inconstant, because such people are too restless, too unreliable, Therefore, you have to force yourself to accomplish your goals, even if it can be very uncomfortable, but also insist that perseverance is so tempered.

The wolf was like this, vb,delphi,vc6,asp etc have dabbled, also have done the project, at that time every day in order to choose a language and anxiety, but now understand, find a language, a good plunge in, learning to develop ideas, and then learn another language, it is easy, because the idea is common , the so-called million flow to the pope, that is the truth.

The vast number of beginners difficult to find a practical opportunity, if there is intention, you can contact me, I can give you find a few small projects, to lead us to do, to provide you with a real opportunity.

In this, I call on the vast phper of Hebei do not dive, all come out, we communicate together, to promote PHP, so that Hebei's PHP career a higher level.

The following is the wolf this two years to focus on the project, Hebei PHP open source Community Portal Http://, is committed to the development of the PHP business in Hebei, so that more people understand PHP.

Wolf Contact:


url: Hebei PHP Open source community portal.

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