How to look at the problem of the hammer cell phone production insufficiency

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Reillo: You rice noodles, the amount ... Because we are meticulous in workmanship, so now only a hundred thousand of units can be snapped up for you. Eiching to be considerate!

A: Upstairs, the idiot identification is complete

B: hehe

C: Silly rice noodles, silly rebels




Rose: My believers, I am simply too proud to be able to produce 1000 units a day, even if we are meticulous in our work, and we still have our pig-mate Foxconn. No hanging!

A: Long live the Archbishop!

B: Long live the Archbishop!

C: Long live the Archbishop!

D: You spray, you deserve your life is not good mobile phone! Long live the Guru!


The truth is

There are too few orders, if a one-time production will break the production line ... 1000 units should be the production line of the minimum operating volume, Luo also dare not Yahuo, can only maintain the minimum speed.

Even Vertu's work requires Foxconn not to be 1000 a day! You think I'm a jerk!



Told a not funny joke, took so much praise, trepidation, fart back to add ~

See many for Luo, and even moved out four years ago, Millet 1 just listed when the capacity to refute.

But the problem is, that is four years ago, millet, four years ago the size of millet and today's hammer ratio? At that time there was no rice noodles, only a few MIUI users, and today Rose in the main seat of millions of fans in the same breath?

And how did millet sell at that time? 2000 Yuan mobile phone, 4000 of the configuration +1500 of the workmanship ...

Where's the hammer now? 3000 of the mobile phone, 3000 is not worth the configuration of +2500 of the design work (if ignore it to iphone4 Unlimited "salute"). And you Luo also received a fan hundreds of of hard-earned money of the deposit, many people returned to the entire paragraph (is really a lot of people stupid cash to ... )! Empty gloves White Wolf took tens of millions of deposits and multiple rounds of financing, you give me the mother 1000 units a day?

But the most irritating thing is that you can only supply a small number of difficult situations, a good word, "our company small, small orders, in Foxconn can not open so many production lines, now only a small number of production." "I think we are complaining at most."

But you do not face the unexpectedly blame to Foxconn head, but also want to borrow "strict quality requirements" to disguise the lack of capacity and their original blowing cattle.

I said, these 1000 is used to maintain small orders on the production line of the lowest operating, in the final analysis is afraid of Yahuo and no one to buy it, if the true sales enough, open more than a few production lines Foxconn thank you too late.

There are 20 of the press conference from May to now two months, the original two months did not do anything?

Luo the most disgusting point is that clearly is their own problems, not only do not admit, but to fool the ignorant to elevate themselves. The consumer as an idiot, but also die to earn the idiot money.

From the point of view of crosstalk, this is not a virtue of the two artists ...


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