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Friendship links have a role, one can through the other's website to enter their own site, increase traffic. Second, the link is a Google measurement mechanism of a link in the structure, no way to follow Google's meaning to do Bai. First of all to talk about small seven to do some experience of friendship links.

At the beginning of friendship is based on a number of technical requirements, we first look at my website p-P network PR parity, ranked how much less. Just start looking for these is more trouble, joined a lot of groups, at first there will be a daily plan plus 2 to 3, and later, the group within the limited resources can only choose some relatively good. During the encounter many cheat links, many are the same day plus, after a few days to withdraw. So the technology has been checked up, the number of scolded is also a lot of Ah! So small seven very despise this practice.

Later, I was in charge of this piece, more sensitive to these. But do also find that in fact those included, ranking to do friendship link is not much impact. The real impact of Google on the site detection of the main three aspects

1. PR value of the website. Google's measurement of the site is ultimately through the PR to reflect. So in the same conditions with the higher the PR of the site to change the link to your site more favorable, Google will think it is the weight of the site to your vote.

2. The number of links outside the website. If you link to the P-P network, their PR is 4, the chain number is 50, is the weight of this PR4 to 40 people, and the same as you find a PR6 site, the chain number reached more than 100, the same with 6 to do the numerator, 100 to do the denominator, so it is obvious.

3. The relevance of the content of the website, the higher the correlation will help your site, this is the value of the problem. So many PR high sites will choose a number of related links to the site

Conclusion: Friendship links in the essence is not much. More than the inconvenience of management. Note that the link to use a professional Google detection tools to check, found to be cheated and deleted to be resolved immediately, to avoid and be Baidu K off the site to do the link, or otherwise. Friendship Link is a malt, PR value is not a thing, all the links to pay attention to, remember the site's PR responsible.

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