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We all know that the search engine spiders are not yet able to handle the content of JavaScript script, for the simple reason that even as a simpler, weak-type scripting language, it is still a programming language, with a variety of techniques, only the script interpretation engine can correctly parse the execution, But there are no rules and frameworks like HTML, so the final output gets a lot harder than HTML, which can be a reference to the CPU and memory footprint of a native browser when you open a page with JavaScript script and no JavaScript script. You can see that the JavaScript script brings a considerable amount of extra overhead, which is part of the big output, so it can be foreseen that for a long time, search spiders still can't support JavaScript script well. Unless a search engine developer develops a technology that can achieve the results of JavaScript script execution at a lesser cost. However, the implementation of many special effects on the web still needs to rely on JavaScript to complete (expect flash parsing more 6188.html "> not reliable, that thing is compiled SWF, need to rely on reverse engineering to analyze the source code), So when we do the Web site is still inseparable from JavaScript script, so how to let JavaScript script does not affect SEO is a novice friends need to know a problem. Here are some of my personal views.

1, the Web page all the factors related to SEO with HTML expression, using the DOM for special effects control. As long as all the factors related to SEO using HTML expression out, search spiders can crawl to this section of content, and then included in the content or according to the link to continue to crawl, because spiders do not crawl parse JavaScript script, so using DOM control effects will not have any impact on spiders crawl. If you rely on JavaScript scripts to display links that need to be crawled through variables, spiders will not be able to get the relevant parameters of the link: Anchor text, point to URL, and write JavaScript script variables if you have links that you don't want spiders to crawl. This item can refer to "javascript tab switch", "example to explain a disadvantage to SEO JS navigation" this article.

2, if there is hope that spiders crawl the target page needs to be turned, do not use JavaScript script to jump, because the spider can not get the address of the target page, using the noscript tag for the target URL designation is a good way, Because spiders can correctly identify noscript tags, and generally do not affect the browser display (unless your browser masks the script interpretation engine). This item can refer to "the small use of NoScript".

3, do not use Ajax to obtain the need for spiders crawling content. Ajax is a good technology, especially in the need for real-time requirements of higher systems, can be very good to ease the pressure of the server, but also to achieve the requirements of the query to remove the data content, but also can not affect the layout of the framework to achieve a more dazzling web page effect, But the core of Ajax is the technology to get the data through the JavaScript script when needed, so that the data is not loaded when the page is displayed, and then there's the first item that says the spider can't get the content and naturally can't crawl and crawl links. This item can refer to "Ajax Technology and SEO" and "QQ space can not be used to do SEO outside the chain."

Do SEO-related site A core idea is to use plain text links, supplemented by a reasonable picture link, if you really need to implement some special effects, you can refer to this article. Opinion, may not be perfect, welcome to pat Bricks.

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