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Web site access speed is a vital part of any period of operation. It is the most basic site friendly experience, if the access experience is not satisfactory, then the marketing of the late promotion model may be futile, because the network of customer selection cost is very low, coupled with the general customer's patience is not high, Page access more than 6 seconds customers will choose to leave, which for some traffic is not high on the corporate web site is undoubtedly worse. The speed of the Web site is so important, today I would like to share with you a few ways to improve the speed of experience, although the Internet has many similar articles and views, but most of the Web site to resolve, today I want to talk from the server to talk about how to optimize the Web site to improve the speed of web

Most website operators know how to improve access speed through page optimization, and when you've done the optimization, there's no big improvement, and you should think about other factors that lead to slow access. For example: long-term server performance degradation, in order to protect the business is not affected, you should probably be using the server to upgrade and optimize.

Upgrading Servers in use

Before you perform a server upgrade, consider a number of issues, whether upgrading existing servers or purchasing new server equipment must be based on the actual situation. First of all, to upgrade the existing server equipment, generally speaking, the site operation to the late as the business continues to increase, multi-platform application development for the server performance requirements are gradually increased, long and long the server encountered performance bottlenecks is also reasonable things, for this situation, we can upgrade the server ( such as adding hardware devices or network bandwidth) and other related configurations to meet the growing business needs, the server performance bottlenecks can be resolved. Again, to buy new server equipment, some people may ask why to buy again, upgrade the existing server is not it? I also certainly want to save a sum of money for everyone, but the fundamental problem is that most enterprises do not choose the server is reasonable, Coupled with the beginning of the site to save costs and choose the poor scalability of the server, resulting in even if we upgrade the existing server, the strength of its performance improvement is still not enough. At this point, you need to buy a new server with, for the acquisition of the server also has a lot of skills, here simple to make a recommendation, if the user group is the domestic recommended choice of domestic well-known server suppliers, if the customer groups are all over the world, you can choose Hong Kong server or U.S. servers More importantly, according to the characteristics of their own industry to make a reasonable choice.

Ii. Optimizing servers in use

Whether you are completing the upgraded server or the newly purchased server, we have to optimize it to improve server performance and utilization. Here are four things to talk about optimizing servers:

Point one: Reduce the number of HTTP requests as much as possible

From the Customer Access Site page to the entire content of the page is fully displayed, it takes a lot of time to download a variety of scripts, CSS stylesheets, flash, and pictures, and each type of download is equivalent to an HTTP request, and the more requests that are made, the longer it takes for the site to be fully loaded. means that the client's access is slow, then you need to reduce the number of HTTP requests as much as possible, usually we can directly to the CSS and JS to write to the page, to avoid external calls, or we can separate CSS files and JS files, in the background to merge, so that the client browser equivalent to a request. To sum up, we can reduce the number of HTTP requests by reducing the number of calls to the external types of files to achieve their purpose.

Point two: Reduce DNS query time

It is well known that the domain name and IP address of the server side of the network correspond to each other, when the client makes the request, the computer also needs to judge by the mutual conversion between the domain name and the IP address, and this transformation work is the domain name resolves DNS, the DNS query needs 10~20 milliseconds time, The client browser will only wait for the DNS query to complete before it loads the content under this domain name. Therefore, we need to speed up the page access, we can reduce the DNS query time to improve.

Key three: Enable server gzip compression

For large and medium-sized sites, the content of the page and more diverse, the size of a single page may be more than hundreds of K, the client access time download will be slower, at this time we can use the Server Gzip page compression function, can be a size of 100K page file compressed into 25K below, This reduces the number of network transmissions and improves client access. The general server can use gzip compression, and can be for JS files, CSS files and HTML compression, in many ways to optimize the speed of Web site access.

Point four: Recommend large and medium-sized Web sites using CDN acceleration Tools

CDN Acceleration is the current large-scale web site commonly used page acceleration, it has little impact on the site optimization, the basic principle is to back up the site image to many server nodes, so that the server nodes around the user access faster, thereby enhancing the client high-speed access to the site experience; But not all sites are suitable to use CDN acceleration, generally for small site personal station, you do not need to use CDN acceleration, after all, in the long run this is a large amount of expenditure; suggest that the picture station and multimedia site can use CDN acceleration.

At this point, the above for you can optimize and upgrade the server two aspects to improve the speed of Web site access, if your site's current experience is not good, you can try to do the above, I believe that can help you improve such problems, there are many ways to improve the speed of Web Access, due to space restrictions This article for you to explain to here, and then there will be some information about the server-related technology to share, if you encounter problems can not be resolved, you may go to the nine River network to seek help, more server-related technical video can give you a satisfactory solution.

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