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More and more Internet competition, e-commerce sites more and more. However, E-commerce for everyone is no stranger, 7 camel nets mainly to the ceramic case to share how to optimize E-commerce network.

First: When choosing a good E-commerce site template, first of all to analyze which industry is suitable for their own operations, optimization and management. Because Foshan is famous for its main ceramics, and I am also in Foshan. So chose this industry)

Second: A general analysis of e-commerce sites in the interconnection industry competitor website strength and strength of the company as well as in the operation of the program.

Third: The optimization of the System Analysis website:

1: Through the search engine to find the industry station, the system to understand the situation of the industry: Ceramic industry or ceramic-related industry sites, and all the documents listed out, and then each of the comparison, example of a few more perfect site. For example: The page is beautiful, the website structure is reasonable, the channel column is very fine, the content is rich, the original information is more, the website propaganda intensity is big.

2: Through the knowledge of the website, at the same time to the industry's E-commerce Web site template for systematic analysis:

(1) What column or channel to open the website

(2) The supply of the website, buy and company. is one of the most important choices in optimizing e-business. So we have to do the network contrast for fine differentiation.

(3) How to subdivide and compose the small columns of other channels of the website.

(4) The information source of the website, how the information is arranged and how the information is added.

3: Through the above understanding to find the website supply, buy, the company's classification details.

1: Through the search engine and collected sites to classify the knot:

2: Through a number of well-known e-commerce sites to summarize the classification:

Total: Through the 1, 2-Step classification of the summary concluded: the classification of the industry

4: For the supply, buy, company Channel optimization: title, keywords, description and so on.


1: Through the Baidu Index to find the number of keyword search.

2: Through the Baidu Drop-down list to get keyword search frequency (from top to bottom)

3: Through the bottom of Baidu list menu appears in order (from left to right, from top to bottom)

Summary: In addition to the above 3 methods, there are more species. I hope you can exchange and sum up:

4: Select keywords and descriptions and headings in the same way for other channels: (remember not to overlap in general)

Summary: The first step is to choose a good site and site The key words of each channel, and cut the column of each site, the content of the keywords are in line with reasonable. And then continue to adhere to the promotion.

7 Camel Nets welcome everyone to exchange and analysis. Http://

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