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Hello, everyone. I was Xiang Shaobo, wrote a "How to measure the value of a website," the article mainly mentions three: brand, service, profit. Read a lot of Web sites in the reference to the value of this piece of Web site traffic, PR, and a variety of ranking data to measure, this is actually very unscientific, as from a person's appearance and dress to measure the same person. If you just want to make a simple site to earn some simple money for a lifetime to do personal webmaster I do not object to your amount. The success of the website is inseparable from the first step of the site planning, this article mainly talk about how to plan a valuable site, said that the place also please forgive me.

If the site is a march to war, then the site planning is the command of the army generals. The site's program structure, content structure, service architecture, profit structure, investment, promotion, no one can leave the planning.

How to plan a valuable website the first step: Find the site's profit point and packaging profit point

Why make the first profit? Because profit is the foundation of the website, the website exists, just like doing business because we feel that this business has money to make. We only look for the profit point, and then around the profit point to plan the site to the maximum amount of traffic to convert the site to profit.

For example, many webmaster found that now online women's products sell fire then did a female website, through the site advertising to promote female products, or do a mall. This is to find a profit point, but also to achieve a preliminary site planning, but this way is not any new ideas, the return rate is also low poor, the site can not find any selling points, the current market for such a site to be bigger and stronger is almost impossible.

Profit point is a raw material without any packaging, in the same situation without packaging users only recognize the brand, whose brand old people who recognize the brand. There are countless women's websites, there are numerous stations everywhere, similar new station want to succeed is almost impossible. Female products are known for profiteering, want to earn this money only in the fierce competition to stand out, this time the value of packaging experience out. So beautiful said, Mushroom Street appeared, stationmaster they just suddenly realized can do so. Beauty said that the success of the Mushroom street is to put a simple profit point packaging into a new product, to create a novel profit model, is to sell products has become a service for users. This innovation not only achieved a high conversion rate, but also because the unique model attracts a large number of users, thereby successfully creating their own website brand. This is the charm of website planning.

How to plan a valuable web site step two: Design a brand name that embodies the theme of the website

In the first step we have found the site's profit point and planned the site's profitability and operating mode, then we need to design a good site to reflect the theme of the brand name, and then register the brand name and trademark, Design brand logo. These are required in advance planning, once the site into operation can not be changed. As for how to design a brand name that embodies the theme of the website, only you have to slowly scrutinize. Here Xiang Shaobo suggest everyone brand name must be able to deeply experience the theme of the site, the name must be better remembered, easy to solve.

A good brand name can not only profoundly express the theme of the site, but also easy word-of-mouth spread.

How to plan a valuable web site step three: Service Platform architecture

The same bowl of noodles in the restaurant can only sell 10 pieces of eight, in the hotel can sell to dozens of hundreds, this is because the restaurant sells noodles, the hotel is selling services. Service platform architecture is designed to be the site's profit points packaged into services, so that users enjoy the service when the purchase of your promotional products, the site has made money users are unaware, even if they are willing to accept.

Smart Service platform not only to make their own money, but also to allow users to make money, such as the current prevalence of business-to-business, users, businesses, Web sites are from each other. Here is just an example, do not recommend to do business-to-business, this piece is already rotten. We can use it as a reference to plan their own web site, the site into a service platform for each.

Successful implementation of the above three points, profit point profit model has, the theme of the brand has, the service architecture has, the site's operation and promotion has become a direction has the goal, do the site is no longer simply to do traffic.

Site planning is in place, the first see if your site has a good name, second glance your site has provided user services, and then see if your site has excellent profit model. The successful website service is incisively and vividly the surface packing, the profit is in the invisible gray area.

Site planning is actually playing packaging, the profit point packaging products, services, and then sell to customers. Make the promotion of the website into the promotion of products, extension services.

Read this article webmaster You now also think the site is the value of PR, traffic and other data?

This article original (Guangzhou website construction Author: Xiang Shaobo) Reprint please specify.

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