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10 years ago, when Wang proposed to move the whole process of foreign trade to the Internet, the outsider seems to be almost impossible; 10 years later, Cross-border electricity dealers have become incense, the internet giants have been laid out, and at this time, her founder of the Dunhuang Network in September this year to complete the D-round financing.

In Wang's view, the current Cross-border electric power companies with the beginning of the "small buy small sell" grass-roots era, the mainstream factories, foreign trade companies began to debut, overseas medium-sized buyers have increased. In this regard, Wang told reporters, the Dunhuang network on the one hand in-depth sourcing base, to bring high-quality factories to the platform; On the other hand, the development of Russia, Brazil and other emerging markets, at the same time launched a logistics integrated Platform D link, with large data optimization logistics solutions.

The adult Rite of small foreign trade

Wang has done many years of foreign-invested professional managers, Microsoft, Cisco and other well-known enterprises have had her footprints, and later moved to the Internet, as a network of Excellence C E O will be its rapid hit as the first Chinese online video store. By 2004, she decided to start her own business again.

At that time to Alibaba as the representative of the Foreign Trade B 2B website, is a kind of online display, offline trading information Service model, the site to earn membership fees, promotional fees, aimed at the single goods at a more than 100,000 dollars at a time of large customers. And the demand of a large number of small purchasers is neglected, they cannot fly to China as often as the big importers do, nor do they have much money to play "search bidding rankings".

Dunhuang Nets Coonoah Herschmannherschmann in the United States, when he used to work in a chain store, he was "experienced" to tell the South reporters, when the Chinese goods are basically purchased from the importer, the price is very high, they are eager to bypass the middleman, with the factory direct trading, But how to build trust with a stranger in a Chinese factory is a problem, and the communication between the two sides is inefficient and often takes several months.

"For small overseas buyers to build a platform for domestic small and medium-sized enterprises to do e-commerce in the field of the long tail." "This is Wang's position on the Dunhuang net, major dozens of to thousands of dollars between the small single, fast single, while trying a registration and release free, dynamic 3%-12% online trade model, providing coverage of the entire B 2B industry chain of integrated services, including information dissemination, payment, logistics and so on.

In the early days of entrepreneurship, the demand for overseas buyers is there, it is not difficult to open up. Tianhao is one of the early pioneering team members of the Dunhuang net, he said to the South reporters, looking for a buyer is mainly a strength work, Yellow pages, ebay is not the buyer's contact method? Send them emails or phone calls, and encourage them to shop on the Dunhuang Internet. In addition, on some of the main B 2B Web site to push the Dunhuang net goods, increase the exposure rate, these practices are not expensive, but very effective, quickly attracted a group of buyers from the United States, Europe and Australia.

By contrast, China's domestic sellers are relatively conservative, after all, when the traditional foreign trade booming, not the Internet "stall", more importantly, for "buyers after the inspection of goods by the platform to lend" New play, they a brain doubt. Tian Haolin Frankly, many people at that time as a liar. The first network merchant is Wang to grind the mouth skin to be persuaded to come, but the quantity of supply is still far from enough, so she thought of a compromise method, first cultivate a bunch of buy the goods to buy, and then put on the platform to sell, this gradually opened the situation, but the industry and the capital of the Dunhuang network is not much.

Small sellers upgrade Big factories

The real let the Dunhuang net emerge is in 2008 after the financial crisis, the order Quantity sharp drop let many foreign trade enterprises have to have another electric business trail. In 2008, the online turnover of the Dunhuang net was about 1.4 billion yuan, which surged to 10 billion in 3 years.

"Now the whole process of online trade has matured, cross-border electricity business is not limited to grassroots small businesses, the mainstream of factories, foreign trade companies began to debut." "Wang has been observing the changes in the market, recently she went to Dongguan, Shenzhen factory visited a circle, they are in the traditional O E m era is very brilliant, even Alibaba did not dare to about, but with the line of the big single increasingly small, the staff from 5000 to 3000 people, and from 3000 to 1000 people, Many factory bosses in distress how to transform, and some try to build their own web site, the results played a water drift, and some try to move towards flexible manufacturing, with the development of electrical business.

In the Oahh erschm Ann View, these companies are interested in the arms of the company, which is the target supplier of Dunhuang network, because they pay attention to product quality, care about customer satisfaction; Unlike the foreign trade company that earns the difference, it is more about earning fast money, which will inevitably affect the quality of the platform. South have learned that the current Dunhuang network in Guangzhou, Dongguan, Yiwu, Ningbo and other established a network of goods centers, hope that through in-depth sourcing base, the quality of the factory with a guaranteed platform.

However, the factory's production line is very expensive, small orders how to meet them? Wang said that the Dunhuang network in the overseas integration online and offline, a large amount of retailers will be the other side of the small order package to the factory. In addition, the factory also has a weakness, is accustomed to the traditional way of receiving orders, do not know how to sell goods online. In this regard, tianhao that between the factory and the platform, there is also a part of the operation of the company to take a bridge, agent service fees and commissions to survive. It is reported that the Dunhuang Online has registered 1.2 million suppliers, 25 million kinds of goods, of which electronic products accounted for the largest.

Localized hunting for Russia

More and more Chinese goods "net", some overseas have not seen the Dunhuang net of medium-sized buyers, also began to go online. South all reporters learned that now on the platform a lot of buyers an order in 5000~8000 U.S. dollars, one year procurement 3~4 times. According to the annual purchase amount, the buyer will be divided into different levels, V IP customers can enjoy a certain purchase concessions and convenience, to increase the stickiness.

In addition to settling existing buyers, the Dunhuang net turned its sights on potential emerging markets such as Russia and South America. It is reported that the Dunhuang network in the two years from the emerging market orders in the doubling growth, there is a willingness to conduct online cross-border procurement of enterprises than in Europe and America more. Wang analysis, today's Russia, Brazil and other markets, like China six or seven years ago E-commerce just the beginning of the situation, everywhere full of opportunities. In Russia, for example, its e-commerce market is growing at a rate of at least 25% to 35% a year and is expected to reach $36 billion trillion next year, surpassing developed countries such as France and South Korea.

But attracting Russian buyers is not as simple as a Russian platform. Some time ago, she went to Russia to study a lap, give her a very deep feeling is that the country is quite unique, people's blood flow in the pride of the factor, the local product is more self-confidence, want to let them recognize the goods from China, it is not easy.

How to open the situation? Wang thought of "localization" to bring the distance closer. She revealed that the Dunhuang Network has established a localized marketing team in St. Petersburg, and the local partners also have "deep cooperation" to find opportunities to negotiate mergers and acquisitions. And in the domestic, the Dunhuang network also intensified deployment, with the traditional line of Russian trade enterprises deep docking, because they understand the Russian customer demand for product quality, not only with Russian operating experience, as well as Russia's local warehouses, and further in Harbin, to build a large data center for Cross-border Electrical business, data mining, analysis and services , is under construction also has the payment and the settlement system, the Harbin Warehousing collection goods, the docking local logistics.

Open Logistics platform "consolidation"

From the wharf delivery, to the quality of time to send to overseas buyers hand, a foreign trade orders the most test is undoubtedly the logistics link.

Noahherschmann to the south, said the reporter, now customers on the efficiency of logistics more and more high, send the same parcel to overseas, two years ago may take one months, now 8 days or so will be sent. Different regions of the logistics situation varies widely, for the platform, need to consider which route to transport what category, which port suitable for what kind of transportation, and these problems have been accumulated from these years of large data to find the answer.

South All reporters understand that this year, the Dunhuang Network launched a logistics platform DH link, as of this September, DH link already has 8 warehouses, 15 logistics lines. As for the cost, the platform relies on the large quantity of logistics order, can with the supply chain service provider to talk about the relatively low price. In addition, from the small age, the Dunhuang network to help strangers to the customer will "spell" to a container transport, with the scale to squeeze logistics costs. Wang said that for a large number of online businesses, although not online transactions in Dunhuang, this supply chain services can still be opened to provide them. It is reported that at present on the DH link platform, from the non-Dunhuang network Express, parcel business has exceeded its own business.

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