How to popularize the basic method of new station popularization

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The following methods are my own experience and mastered some of the basic methods, dare not say very useful, but at least not how to promote the webmaster is still very useful, but also easier to master!

One, blog promotion: Open a blog (preferably Baidu space), do what type of site to do what type of blog, and then write articles in the blog (preferably original), and then connect the keywords to your website (an article link control in three below). As long as you publish the article is included in Baidu, then your site is also easy to be included in Baidu, as long as Baidu included your site, then Baidu is very likely to your site to bring a lot of traffic, the flow of more than the opportunity to earn before a lot of.

Your blog is done, do not forget to go to other people's blog, more to comment on the articles written by others. You go to other people's blogs or articles, and others come to see your blog and articles. If you do not take the initiative to visit others, others will not visit you, others do not see your article means that your article is worthless, Baidu is not included.

Second, submitted included: The site is done, but also do not forget to submit to the search engine. Although the search engines are now automatically included in the technology, but for just do the station, the best initiative to submit included. Which search engines should be submitted specifically? You can refer to the

Submit to the search engine, and then to a large traffic network submission connection. That is, you do a connection to a network, as long as someone from your site connected to the network, your station name will be displayed in the other's prominent position, so as to bring you traffic and improve your visibility. At present, I know more famous are: Granville Tiger Connection network. A good website is included. Sky Exchange, and so on, of course, there are more famous, there are not many examples.

Third, the Exchange connection: Through the above method, your website should have the flow has included? If not, you can only show that you did not look carefully or carefully. If there are included in the flow, there is a very important link, that is, and similar stations to exchange friendship links. It is better to find some traffic than you, included more than you, build a long time site exchange links. Where to find such a site? Here you recommend the Granville Tiger Connection network. To Granville Tiger Link Network submitted to the station are required strict audit, that is to say, the quality of the site is also good, and each point of a connection, will show the number of the site, PR level, the world rankings, webmaster QQ, customer service mailbox and other related information. If you feel appropriate, you can directly with the site of the webmaster QQ conversation, to seek friendship connection. Of course, if the Granville Tiger Link Network will be included in your site, it would be better.

I will introduce here, more refined still have to explore their own slowly, if there is a good way I will share to everyone, thank you for reading!

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