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Google AdSense is currently the revenue channel for most sites, some site owners try to cheat in an extreme way to earn revenue, but the technology of Google did not let anyone do. Many web site owners mistakenly clicked on the site's ads, accounts are ruthless k off, the opportunity to justify no, let the site owners know that Google is sacred, inviolable. And do not say that Google, recently in the research domain name docking, domain name docking business to prevent cheating means have been so powerful, it can be seen that people do something when all thought of, try not to let you have a loophole to drill.

The following is reproduced from the easy domain:

  1. IP to prevent cheating: The general billing method is in accordance with the unique IP within 24 hours, you can put each IP into the database, when the next access IP and the database already exists in the same time, it is not billed. Now the Internet is generally dynamic IP, cheaters through the dialer on the line to achieve the change of IP address, you can use the C segment IP to identify, such as a large number of 218.175.11.x such as the same C-segment IP number, you may cheat. Can be encrypted by IP submission, and then by the receiver to decrypt the record of storage, you can eliminate the use of analog data submission of cheating methods.
  2. Cookies prevent cheating: When you visit a page, cookies will record that the next time you visit the page, and you will submit a same cookie parameter, you can judge the duplicate fee. The flaw in this approach is that it is easy to change physical information for cheating, such as using Internet Options to empty cookies.
  3. Click on the rate set: Average clicks from 99 to 5% down to 1%, of course, it also needs to advertise the object-oriented and page of the intersection rate of visitors, the higher it means that the page and the relevance of the ads, the higher the click-through. At present, rich media ads in the 2% to 5% clicks, the ordinary picture clicks in 0.1% to 1%, with the idea of the picture, can be set when the click Rate is more than a certain percentage hint may cheat behavior (etal league set in 8%). To increase the click Rate, the most common creative way is to simulate Windows system prompts, simulate the close button, and seductive images of attractive women.
  4. In conjunction with Alexa data to prevent cheating: Alexa Although not a standard, but is an excellent reference tool, when a large number of Alexa site but did a very high amount of clicks, there is doubt, traffic from where?
  5. Source statistics prevent cheating:

Record the click of the routing page, that is, the address of the ads placed pages, you can manually check whether the ads are properly placed, to see if there is a poor guide to the side of the statement.
Records placed Ads page, each site's search engine antecedents always occupy a large proportion, if the page has no antecedents, you can determine the flow of the page is not connected, you can get through two ways, the first browser direct access or favorites access; There may also be the current popular rogue plug-in window. This way can also be queried to some AdSense ads code placed in the final page of the IFRAME.

6. Prevent cheating through the only parameter: the MAC physical address of the network card, the serial number of the hard disk, generate machine code by this kind of software and hardware information. The disadvantage of this approach is that it is difficult to apply on the Web, which is suitable for cheating in software marketing.

7. Time surplus to prevent cheating: When you open a page with ads, it is not always possible to click the ads in an instant, because each ad from the impression into attention, and then turn to click Action, you can set up when the visitor opened the site page within a few seconds click ads for cheating behavior. When the time difference between several ad clicks is exactly the same, it can also be judged for the robot click behavior. When you open an ad, it closes immediately within seconds and can also be judged as invalid click.

8. Mouse Value:

Each point on the display screen has a coordinate value, when you press the mouse at a certain point, there will be a coordinate value, when the robot clicks, for the same mouse value, you can only remember one click.
Each click will produce the mouse KeyUp and KeyDown behavior, if the value could not be captured, may be analog data submission.

Have the system to submit abnormal data to the background, immediately someone to analyze the filter, at the same time will be transparent to each click, can be in the background data report to see each click of the source page, visitors IP, access time and access to the region and so on.

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