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Do seo everyone, simply say that as long as the people who own the site, no one does not want their own site is not included in the search engine, of course, this is correct, but sometimes our site has some confidential data or other factors that affect the site do not want to be indexed by search engines, how should we do? How to prevent being indexed by search engines?

Not to everyone suspense, in fact very simple, only need to set up robots.txt files, then how to set up a robots file, I would like to introduce the following:

The so-called robot file, in fact, is a like a spider issued a warning file, we all know, spiders crawling our site, are to first check your site has robots.txt such a file, and this file is written to you do not want to be included in the search engine content. Of course, if your site does not exist in this content, then do not create a file such as robots, otherwise ... Oh。

Where is the 1.robots.txt file?

robots.txt file should be in the root directory of the site, easier to find, you can look like this, such as your URL for (My site, by the way, for example), then your robots.txt file should be in http://, which limits a spider robot to read a range.

2. Prohibit search engine in search results to display a snapshot of the Web page, but only to the Web page index Baidu support by setting the Web page of the meta to prevent search engines to display a snapshot of the site. As follows: To prevent all search engines from displaying snapshots of your site, place this meta tag in the section of the Web page:

To allow other search engines to display snapshots, but only to prevent Baidu from displaying, use the following tags:

Perhaps, these settings for most of the webmaster is not very useful, because more webmaster still want their website is indexed by search engines, this knowledge, may be useless soldiers. The above content is just my recent study a little knowledge, as experience and harvest and share with you.

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