How to prevent the site from being overly optimized? What are the drawbacks

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is on the website optimization process, how to break a website is "> optimization over, the fact  what happens when the site will be optimized over, How to optimize the excessive how to recover, today and I talk about site optimization will present the phenomenon and how to restore the ranking of the site: can be composed of the situation of optimization, small head auction Assistant to you today to elaborate. 1.   Website article retro, the website retro article too plagiarism or Xu Xu net. 2.   Links add more links to more than more than 2 daily, the composition of the site optimization over. 3.   Site construction did not pay attention to the Assembly of the page, all the pages generated an exception to the title, there is no automatic page title and other devices. 4.   Retro article anchor text too much, the composition of the direct crawling repeatedly. 5.   However, if you are on the site to optimize the number of key words, such as an article to meddle in too many links, are linked to the home page. 6.   Driven too much, SEO search engine found that this also belongs to the site optimization excessive implied. 7.   Published outside the announcement of the article, there are too many anchor text, and your site weight is not enough, and you are the article published. How to recover: 1.   Original article product retro, to ensure that the site every day the original article product retro let Baidu engine spider crawling area. 2.   Construction of quality outside the chain, the use of high-quality external chain to drive the site's recovery speed. 3. Baidu search engine from scratch to submit a website, 4.   Exchange high-weight high PR links, exchange 1-2 a day can be, by chance, No. 5. Blog captive link words to drive the site's recovery speed.
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