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First of all, congratulations on discovering an opportunity that the average person is blind to! The regional classification information Exchange Service platform does have the advantage potential which the big website does not have, because its classification can be more detailed, the tactile can penetrate to the city county area, provides the service to the people to be more specific, simultaneously also has added the more tedious work to the website management, If the plan is not done in advance, the operation will be very difficult. Since your website has not been tried on the line, it is impossible to test its function, so I do for you to do the planning book, you can only from the website to promote and the operation of the website to start, the system to do an analysis and planning.

For the three questions you raised in the taskbar, that is, how to make your site operate easily and conveniently, how to attract business advertising investment and stay and add more profit points, how to effectively spread the website, I designed for you a "network of information sources as the fulcrum, from the point line to expand into the surface, the first single area, after the promotion of multiple regions" Tactics, and gradually increase the profit point, steadily to the cause of development. The specific steps and measures are as follows:

First, "information source network." This is the first step of the classification information web site, first of all, must have their own sources of information, can be a network, can operate on its own, like laying water pipelines. It can make future operations more effective. In the beginning of the website can first establish a preliminary information network, and then gradually expand the perfect. We can be a local city (such as Nanyang Bar) as a breakthrough, spend one months, mobilize all the available connections, survey all walks of life in a wide range of influential businesses, institutions and individuals, each line to choose a business, an organization, an individual, and their cooperation with them. Because the selected collaborators are strong power appeal, nature can affect the industry to take the initiative to come to the door. The content of cooperation is: they are responsible for timely supply and demand information to the site, and the site, free for them to publish information ads. Because they are mutually beneficial, and they do not need to invest in costs, after negotiations to finalize cooperation matters. It should be noted here that the cooperation with the organization of the business period is tentatively 6 months, and then renewed, to facilitate the future situation may be introduced charges. It is best to sign a document contract to avoid subsequent disputes. The requirement for this step is to collect as many local operators as possible QQ and telephone, organize a book, and to negotiate with the intention of cooperation; The cost of completing this step is basically human input.

Second, the successful completion of the previous step, we have already mastered a lot of information resources, you can start to enrich the content of the site. Or to a local city Nanyang as a breakthrough, to build the first section of the classified information site. The first thing to do is to determine the classification of good information classified columns. 58 The classification of the city has 17 categories, net Nanyang District classification has 21 categories, attached to the following:

58 City:

Housing Information vehicles trading and service dating marriage»»»

Design Network Services Pet ticketing/Coupons»/Pet Supplies»»

Flea Market Resume Library Recruitment information»»»

College students internship Part-time information recruitment»»»

Life Service Maintenance Service Recreation»»»

Education and Training Office business»»

NET Nanyang District:

Real Estate» Second-hand Goods» Ticketing»

Vehicle Trading and Services» Nanyang Recruitment» Full-time job resume»

Nanyang Part-time» Part-time Job Resume» Local Life service»

Local Business Services» Educational Training» Friends in the city»

Pet/pet Products» City Events» Event Call

Buy/discount group travel

Social activities/Volunteers Nanyang job fairs/Exhibitions

Because 58 with the city and net service is mainly focused on the city, not to the content of the county, so there is a need to add a number of categories, such as local farmers, health funds, township bands, troupe Performing Arts, various types of craftsman services, such as local specific refinement of the classification of information. Because the township supply and demand information generally can not be obtained from the municipal professional institutions, which is also the highlight of the regional classification information site characteristics of the main points. We can subdivide the above classification, in principle, the classification list should be able to summarize all the services, classification of the naming as far as possible detailed, that is, each category includes the scope is unique, and no other classification of the existence of partial overlap phenomenon!

After this step, we have built a classified information network in the first area of Nanyang Station. By analogy, we can replicate one site after another to complete all the district construction in Henan province. Of course, the construction of new site, with the promotion of the steps to match, see the following promotional discussion.

The above mentioned, is about the website content construction aspect Basic measure and the step.

Third, "From the point line expansion into the face." After completing the one or two steps, the website can be officially online. However, at this time the site has only a complete partition, other switching zoning has not yet perfected the content, we have to choose the area has been built good (Nanyang) as a site to promote the breakthrough. First of all, Nanyang City downtown areas of people concentrated large shopping malls as a cooperative object. Cooperation is the site for the market free advertising information, shopping malls for the dissemination of color pages to facilitate the release. Promotional Color page of the production of a color sheet, printed on the website and the main information, plus the Web site and contact the way, placed in the shopping malls cashier and luggage temporary place, free access to the crowd. Because the reputation of the market is high, get the color page leaflets of the crowd will generally carefully browse, will follow the Web site and contact the way to find a website. This way both labor saving and save money, the promotion effect is quite good. Here, free advertising for the mall, should also sign a contract or agreement, for several months or half a year. After the expiration can be renewed, but the conditions for renewal may be due to changes in the site operating conditions, which is also for the future sale of advertising lay the foundation.

In addition to the free dissemination of the above, we can also conduct on-site promotion in Saturday. To the center of the Mall, 10 miles, sent the staff to send a color page leaflet; This method is not to promote to how many people, but the big build momentum, the staff put on special printed on the website logo of the tooling, riding a special decorated motorcycles, slowly through the streets, the right amount of sending a website color sheet. Propaganda effect by interpersonal legend, will soon spread all over the quartet.

Then, with our cooperation in the mall as the center, the whole city divided into four districts, according to the above method each district cooperation, not necessarily all shopping malls, can also choose second-hand market or other industries. Cooperation methods and promotional measures ibid. After this round of promotion, the promotion of the whole city has been taken down. At the same time, by the impact of urban promotion will naturally radiate to four weeks of county and township, we can strike the hot, homeopathy will be the site to promote infiltration to the town around the county. County town Promotion measures still refer to the urban area promotion, first cooperates a point, by the point line, then the influence spreads into the noodles. So far, the beginning of the promotion, we have won the whole city (Nanyang) of the promotion. This period of promotional costs, mainly the website color sheet production costs and the necessary vehicle costs. Urban urban areas Need color page leaflet 10,000, the city around the county to choose 10, each 2000, that is, only printing color sheet 30,000, small investment, wide scope, can be in a short period of time to spread the popularity of the site and influence the entire Nanyang region.

Four, complete the task of the third step, just completed the promotion task, we do the ultimate goal of website promotion is to generate profits. This involves the marketing of profit points. Review the above three steps, regarding with the merchant and the Organization's cooperation, we all signed the tentative six months contract, actually is for the future advertisement place rental and the merchant occupancy lays the foreshadowing. Now, after the initial period of website promotion, the information of the website has been quite considerable, site visitors and traffic also gradually increased, the initial cooperation of the business to enjoy the benefits of free advertising has been visible, in the next issue of renewal, we can analyze the results of Web site operations and development trends, can change the terms of cooperation with the merchant. This is to put forward the opinion that the website advertisement is rented, and the question that the merchant puts on the website display merchandise advertisement. This is a difficult negotiation process! We mainly rely on the site traffic to speak, if the flow is not big enough to take a step-by-step approach, the launch of the probationary period advertising rental and business check-in methods, quotas to recruit trial users, the selection of shopping malls, second-hand market, job market, And to try out the industry leaders who are particularly badly in need of people's lives. The probation fee is halved for a period of 6 months. In advance, must first with it, wait until the sweetness of the merchant tasted bigger, the dependence of the website is bigger, the website popularity flow is bigger, we start to charge the full cost. Of course, the premise of cooperation is both sides frank to stay, sincere communication, mutual benefit, complete contract, responsibility and clear.

There may be many ways to attract business, but the most important one is the quality of service and popularity of the website. To increase site traffic, one is a wide range of Henan province with the scope of all city-level sites to establish links, especially some popular sites, the best to apply for picture advertising links to our website rich information to attract traffic, but also to hire a number of people to the city and county sites to register posts, the long-term promotion of website information; The second is to increase the site's profit point, can also increase the flow of people. Specific measures are: free free release information services, golden Business opportunities to read services. Both of these require visitors to register first as members of this site, and in the member account to recharge 20 yuan as a business operation qualification, similar to pat the application conditions of the shop, is to recharge 20 yuan in the account. Tell the user that this 20 yuan forever belongs to the user. When the user registers and gets the qualification to release the free information, he often comes to publish the information and become a repeat of the website. At the same time, he will browse various kinds of information, will encounter can spend that 20 yuan opportunity-This is the golden opportunity to read services. We can collect or creative some very high gold content of business information, set up a column, set a high reading permission, if the user is anxious to know the content, insufficient authority, you can pay to improve the rights to meet the desire. If he has more wishes to meet, he will continue to recharge his membership account, so it formed a new profit point of the website. Of course, if you want to implement, to see the site's program has not provided this function. In fact, the increase in the site's new profit point, mainly rely on the increase in the function of the site can be achieved, a new service to produce a new profit point, which is the future development of the website and the direction of efforts.

Five, "first single area, after the promotion of multiple regions." Successful completion of the above four steps, the site is the beginning of the end, we succeeded in a profitable classification of information on the site of the Nanyang Division, resources and economic strength has grown up, followed by a number of regional promotion. Select Nanyang surrounding city and county to expand, according to our strengths, can be a single region, can also be multiple regions at the same time. Steps and measures refer to our successful establishment of Nanyang model, with the replication of the way to advance rapidly. Business is the process of imitating the success of replication, we have a systematic approach to the formation of information sources network, from the point of extension to the surface of the promotion strategy, and gradually increase the profit point of the marketing model to continue to replicate, or to be slow, successful one, and then build another, and continuously successfully built, until the Henan region classified information Network perfect realization.

As for other common methods of network promotion, Baidu know question and answer promotion, Baidu Space posting promotion, search engine included, keyword marketing, mailbox promotion, photo virus promotion, soft text promotion, Q Group Promotion, forum post promotion, blog promotion, website site included ... Can be selectively applied at the appropriate time. The proposal of television advertisement promotion after the website has completed 10 partition construction, consider to make a stage advertisement of the province.

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